7 Essential Elements to Remove Friction From Your Fraud Prevention Strategy

Learn about best practices and technology requirements to accurately protect your business from existing and emerging fraud attacks.

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Josh Johnston

Director of AI Science


Claude Poucher

Regional Asset Protection Manager

Party City


Kathryn Vargas

Product Marketing Manager


As eCommerce growth surges, fraud and chargebacks are a serious concern for businesses seeking to fulfill customer orders with ease. To identify both new and existing fraud, you must examine the entire customer journey using a combination of best practices and advanced technology requirements. Learn the 7 essential elements required to accurately approve customers in real-time with less friction.


Discussion topics will include:

  • How to automate fraud prevention using AI and machine learning
  • Best practices to fine tune protection through business policies and rules
  • Strategies to achieve desired outcomes with an enterprise-grade fraud prevention platform
  • Insights from Party City to navigate the current eCommerce environment
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fraud detection, chargeback protection, consumer insights, identity verification


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