Capitalizing on 3-D Secure 2.0: Reduce Customer Friction, Chargebacks, and False Positives

Learn how to enable 3DS2 compliance with reduced costs and positive customer experiences.

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Shoaib Shahid

Senior Product Manager

Fraud & Risk, Barclays

Jordan McKee

Research Director

451 Research

Troy St. Pierre

Director of Solutions Engineering




Product Marketing Manager


The introduction of 3-D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) lowers customer friction and cart abandonment and provides additional data points to the bank. However, it protects only the point of payment and does not stop chargebacks or the resulting consequences for merchants. This session will discuss how online businesses can take advantage of the liability shift offered by 3-D Secure for customer authentication, while using a robust AI-driven fraud prevention solution to protect all points of the customer journey and deliver a low-friction experience.


Discussion topics will include:

  • Insights into 3DS2 and the impacts it will have on your business
  • Strategies to enable 3DS2 compliance with reduced costs
  • How to minimize the frequency of 3DS2 authentication to reduce false positives, manual reviews, and chargebacks
  • Benefits of combining AI-driven fraud prevention with 3DS2 payment authentication
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fraud detection, chargeback protection, consumer insights, identity verification


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