Account takeover fraud protection

An account takeover solution identifies risky logins and abnormal behavior, manages trusted devices, and reduces customer friction.

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What is an account takeover fraud solution?

An account takeover fraud solution protects businesses and customer accounts from suspicious activity. The solution assesses when a user is exhibiting abnormal or potentially fraudulent behavior. Once the solution detects abnormal behavior, it can block it entirely or challenge it with multi-factor authentication (MFA) via email or SMS.

Benefits of an account takeover fraud solution

Detect abnormal login
or account activity

Protect customer data
and stored value

Challenge risky activity
with MFA via email or SMS

Analyze account activity
in real-time

Support frictionless
customer experiences

How an account takeover fraud solution works

Let’s say a user attempts to log in to an account with a series of usernames or passwords (i.e., credential stuffing) from an unknown mobile device. An account takeover solution combines machine learning and device intelligence technology to recognize that the user is trying to breach the customer account.

As a result, the solution challenges or blocks the account takeover attack to protect stored customer data. On the reverse, customers who exhibit normal login behavior from trusted devices get a frictionless experience.

Digital fraud solutions eliminate manual reviews

Prevent fraud across the entire customer journey, from account creation and login to loyalty redemption and checkout. A digital fraud prevention solution delivers accurate identity trust or risk assessments and automates transaction decisions. Businesses that automate decisions can reduce — or eliminate — manual reviews, accept more good orders, and stop fraud losses.

Chargebacks solutions intercept and deflect disputes

Chargeback protection solutions give businesses access to tools that notify them when customers initiate disputes. Knowing when customers initiate disputes means businesses can intercept chargebacks and deflect them automatically. Save time on the chargeback process, refund purchases or stop shipments quickly, and prevent inventory loss.

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