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Bot detection and protection solutions

As part of Kount’s Identify solutions, the bot detection and protection solution identifies and stops malicious bot-related activities across the customer journey.

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Bot Detection and Protection Solutions

How Kount’s bot detection works

Kount’s bot detection solution analyzes network, device, and behavior characteristics against billions of fraud- and trust-related signals from the Identity Trust Global NetworkTM to accurately identify malicious activity.

As part of Kount’s Identify digital fraud solutions, this bot detection solution examines these characteristics, past behaviors, and identity trust signals to understand the interaction better. And because Kount can establish a baseline of normal behavior, it can quickly identify abnormal, high-risk behavior from bot attacks or other fraud attempts.

Bot detection diagram

Benefits of a bot protection solution

Prevent malicious bot attacks

Prevent malicious bot
attacks in real time

Block or challenge suspicious bot activity

Block or challenge
suspicious activity

Account takeover protection

Protect customers
from account takeover

Trusted devices management

Manage trusted devices
and customer account

Frictionless experience creation

Create frictionless
experiences for good

Future bot protection strategies

Inform future fraud
policies and bot
protection strategies

How bot attacks affect the customer journey

A 2020 bot report found that, on average, half of business owners surveyed said bot attacks happen most often at account creation and login. A third, on average, said malicious bot activity also affects loyalty redemption, coupon redemption, product selection, and checkout.

Overall, 58% of businesses experienced over 50 bot attacks in 12 months. Two-thirds of businesses lost at least $100,000 in a single attack, making effective bot protection more important than ever.

By expanding bot prevention and detection from checkout to earlier points in the customer journey, you can mitigate the cost and effects of the “internet inversion” and bot attacks on the business and your customers. From there, an account takeover solution can help you identify risky account logins, manage trusted devices, and protect customer accounts.

Where bot attacks occur

Bot detection

Network-level bot detection protects against advanced bots

Network-level bot detection analyzes network traffic at constant intervals. However, advanced bot attacks may employ a “slow-and-low” approach that distributes the attack over multiple IPs over time to avoid triggering an alert.

Kount analyzes activities associated with an IP address, including its use, geographic distribution, and individual event anomalies to detect advanced bots. This analysis helps the bot protection solution detect malicious patterns.

Botnet attack detection

Device-level bot detection stops botnet attacks that mimic device attributes

Basic botnet attacks simulate regular network traffic. But advanced bots can match a user’s device exactly because a real person or a user-recorded action controls the device.

Kount’s Device Intelligence capabilities allow businesses to collect detailed device information — device ID, device type, geolocation, etc. — from site visitors. These capabilities accurately identify and flag device anomalies so that businesses challenge or block user activity in real time.

Behavior-level bot detection

Behavior-level bot detection connects current and past interactions

Advanced bots simulate real human behavior online, so Kount’s bot detection solution looks beyond current behavior and analyzes it against other pieces of digital identity data.

The bot detection solution connects suspected bot behavior to trustworthy interactions, suspicious events, and fraudulent activity. As a result, businesses can learn more about user behavior to improve bot detection policies and business outcomes.

Kount’s bot detection solutions protect the entire customer journey


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