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Digital identity solutions reduce fraud, increase revenue

Identify good customers and access 360-degree digital identity insights that stop fraud losses while enhancing experiences across the entire customer journey.

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What is a digital identity solution?

Digital identity solutions, sometimes called identity trust or verification solutions, determine the “trustworthiness” of a customer’s digital identity during events like account creation and checkout.

The solution may collect one or more identity attributes such as payments data, location data, biometric data, email addresses, and more. Then, using AI and machine learning, it compares these identifiers to global network data to determine digital identity risk and trust.

A low-risk, high-trust interaction suggests the user’s digital identity is trustworthy. And a high-risk, low-trust interaction suggests the digital identity may be engaging in fraudulent activity. Businesses can use a digital identity solution to assess risk across payment channels and options.

Benefits of a digital identity solution

Curb fraud and chargeback losses

Digital identity solutions deliver real-time, accurate results that stop fraud losses pre- and post-authorization.

Reduce manual reviews

Customizable risk threshold policies allow businesses to approve more good orders, reducing manual reviews and associated operational costs.

Enhance experiences, increase revenue

An AI-driven solution presents frictionless experiences to good customers and gives businesses insights that can increase revenue and inform future fraud policies.

Decrease false positives

Instead of tightening overall order acceptance, automated decisions backed by identity trust data accurately accept more good orders and decline bad ones, minimizing false positives.

How digital identity solutions work

When an event occurs on an e-commerce website, a digital identity solution can use advanced AI and machine learning to evaluate it against global network data. It then produces a risk score that businesses can use to automatically approve or decline an event or hold it for review.

Kount’s Identify fraud solutions combine digital identity data and Equifax’s physical identifier data to build complete customer personas and produce the most accurate risk assessments. With complete, 360-degree insights into customer personas, businesses can enhance the buying experience across every stage of the customer journey.

Digital fraud prevention virtually eliminates manual reviews

A global fraud survey found that businesses manually review up to 8% of orders. But an AI-driven digital fraud solution can automate decisions and virtually eliminate manual reviews. It can even stop new account fraud, promo abuse, e-gift card fraud, BOPIS fraud, and more — all while providing frictionless customer experiences.

Intercept and deflect disputes in real time

Chargeback protection solutions give businesses access to tools that notify them as soon as customers initiate disputes. Knowing when customers initiate disputes means businesses can intercept and deflect chargebacks automatically and refund purchases or stop shipments quickly to prevent inventory loss.

Consumer demand drives omnichannel, flexible payment options

Almost half of consumers in the Holiday Kountdown survey plan to do their holiday shopping via mobile apps. And nearly 50% say they will choose a buy now, pay later payment option at checkout, citing flexibility as the top reason for doing so. Understanding where and how your customers shop can help protect revenue from new and evolving payment methods.

Digital identity solutions take a proactive approach to fraud prevention


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