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E-gift card fraud prevention solutions

An e-gift card fraud solution uses AI and machine learning to detect anomalies and evaluate transactional risks against billions of data points.

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What is an e-gift card fraud solution?

An e-gift card solution mitigates e-gift card fraud while minimizing customer friction, reducing loss, and driving revenue. An automated e-gift card fraud solution can use machine learning and unique business policies to pinpoint and stop fraudulent e-gift card purchases.

The solution can also detect high-volume or high-velocity activity that may result from card testing. Plus, digital identity signals indicate the relationship between things like an email’s reputation, age, history, and physical attributes to identify high-risk transactions.

Benefits of an e-gift card solution

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Reduce customer friction
Instantly fill e-gift card orders for good customers while only providing friction to high-risk transactions.

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Reduce costs
Reduce manual reviews and e-gift card operational logistics and their associated costs.

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Reduce chargebacks
Mitigate disputes from criminal fraud and customers who dispute e-gift card purchases under manual review.

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Provide seamless customer experiences
An in-house, adaptive solution reduces false declines and eliminates the friction of third-party e-gift card servicers.

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Capture more revenue
Maximize revenue by reducing chargebacks, eliminating servicer fees, and ensuring a frictionless customer experience.

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Improve e-gift card management
An automated, customizable solution alleviates the burden and risk of managing e-gift card sales in-house.

How an e-gift card fraud solution works

An e-gift card fraud prevention solution combines machine learning and customizable business policies to evaluate activity against billions of global data points. This process determines if an e-gift card purchase is trustworthy.

Kount’s e-gift card fraud solution is customizable to business needs and customer behavior. Our machine learning dynamically adapts to seasonal purchasing behavior and abnormal customer activity without sacrificing efficacy.

Our e-gift card fraud solution also relatively scores transactions to give a more accurate risk assessment, reducing false positives and providing more granular data for policy decisioning.

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Protect your entire
customer journey

Protecting e-gift cards is only one piece of the fraud-prevention puzzle. A digital fraud solution can also protect against payments fraud and promo abuse, protect loyalty points and stored value, and more.

Kount Command is an award-winning, AI-driven solution that detects and prevents fraud across the digital customer journey. Take a proactive approach and stop fraudulent activity before it damages your business and your brand.

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Intercept and deflect disputes and chargebacks in real time

The Dispute and Chargeback Management solution integrates with post-authorization tools from major card brands to help you intercept customer disputes in real time. Use one dashboard to stop chargebacks, save sales, improve customer experiences, and reduce future fraud.

Automatically respond to customer dispute inquiries, collaborate with issuing banks to stop chargebacks, communicate the status of a refund, and stop shipments to prevent inventory loss.

Stop e-gift card fraud with a customizable, AI-driven solution


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