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Kount’s Identify solutions give you the insights and agility to interact securely with visitors on your digital platforms and enhance the buying experience across every stage of the customer journey.

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Digital fraud solutions for a comprehensive customer persona

Kount and Equifax’s Identify digital fraud solutions enable businesses to gain a true 360-degree view of their customers by fusing digital and physical identity attributes. Quickly identifying and constructing an accurate profile of a web or mobile app visitor can protect your business and ensure a secure and delightful customer experience.

Features and capabilities

New account fraud prevention

Accurately validates a user’s digital identity data during new account creation to confirm if the user is a legitimate customer or a fraudster.

>> Prevent new account fraud

Account takeover protection

Protects businesses and customer accounts from suspicious activities and risky or abnormal login behavior that could lead to an account takeover attack.

>> Prevent ATO fraud

Account changes protection

Prevents fraudsters from changing shipping or billing addresses, credit card numbers, loyalty points, or login credentials on customer accounts.

Customer recognition

Automates customer linking and gathers data to quickly recognize if a user has visited a site or account in the past and identify their intended behavior.

Device intelligence

Gathers data on the physical devices customers use (smartphones, laptops, etc.) and establishes device personas.

>> Access device intelligence

Trusted device

Contextualizes known users and devices to create a trusted pair.

High-velocity attack and bot detection

Analyzes network, device, and behavior characteristics against billions of fraud- and trust-related signals to accurately identify malicious activities.

>> Explore bot detection solutions

Synthetic ID prevention

Detects fake identity behaviors and patterns at various entry points to mitigate challenges with fraudulent account creation.

>> Prevent synthetic ID fraud

Behavioral analytics

Analyze how a user types, taps, swipes, and interacts with your website or mobile app to better verify their digital identity.

Kount Identify products

Kount Command uses advanced AI, equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning, to analyze billions of global data points from Kount’s Identity Trust Global NetworkTM to deliver accurate, automated identity trust decisions in real time.

Kount Control prevents account takeover by detecting high-velocity activity from bots, credential stuffing, and other malicious attacks. Plus, Kount Control customers can manage trusted devices and track failed login attempt data to improve account protection policies.

Kount reduces fraud losses and identifies risky behavior as soon as a fraudster interacts with you


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