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Digital fraud solutions for direct sales companies

Widespread e-commerce adoption has presented significant growth opportunities for direct sales companies — and made them prime targets for fraud. Stop malicious activities and reduce fraud costs.

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The right solutions save marketing spend, increase growth opportunities

Prevent payments fraud to
reduce resales

Stop fraudsters from making purchases with stolen credit cards and reduce the number of products they can re-sell on third-party marketplaces.

Stop customer and consultant
promo abuse

Save marketing spend with customizable policies that prevent customers and consultants from abusing or overusing promo codes, discounts, and coupons.

Intercept disputes from
friendly fraud

Save subscriptions and sales by automatically relaying transaction details to help customers recognize purchases.

Protect top consultants from
account takeover

Prevent fraudsters from breaking
into and draining value and data from high-value consultant accounts.

Prevent new affiliate account fraud
Stop fraudsters from creating false affiliate accounts with stolen information and protect affiliate referral programs and incentives.

Avoid chargeback monitoring programs
Intercept disputes to significantly decrease the risk of placement in chargeback programs that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly.

Identify solutions build complete customer personas

Combine digital and physical identity attributes to get a complete view of every customer or consultant purchasing products or joining the network. Advanced AI and machine learning prevent new account fraud. Meanwhile, account takeover protection uses device intelligence technology to safeguard consultant accounts from malicious attacks.

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Assess solutions mitigate digital payments and chargeback risks

Minimize risks with pre-authorization digital payments fraud protection and post-authorization dispute management tools. Solutions combine AI, machine learning, and global network data to make accurate identity trust decisions for every interaction. Chargeback alerts and dispute management tools stop friendly fraud and save sales on recurring or subscription purchases.

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Engage solutions reduce friction, drive customer insights

Reduce friction across the customer journey and deliver hyper-personalized experiences that reach potential consultants and customers at the right times. Collect and analyze actionable data from across digital interactions. Gain a better understanding of browsing patterns, tastes, propensity to spend, and more to effectively market products and services.

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Kount protects direct sales customers and consultants from digital fraud


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