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Online, mobile fraud detection for food service and restaurants

A digital fraud solution can help dine-in and quick-service restaurants (QSR) protect and capture more revenue as they meet increasing customer demand for online and mobile ordering.

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Food service industry fraud prevention

QSR Fraud Prevention

Protect and maximize revenue with a digital fraud solution

Stop card testing attacks

Stop card testing on small purchases
Detect high-velocity activity to stop card testing attacks, even from camouflaged, low-value purchases that blend in with high-volume orders.

Adjust to high traffic

Seamlessly adjust to high traffic volumes
With a solution that adapts to seasonal changes and spikes in purchasing behavior, businesses can offer promos stress-free, without adding friction for good customers.

Protect customer rewards

Protect customer loyalty points, accounts, and trust
Stop account takeover attacks and protect customer rewards, sensitive information, and brand trust by identifying risky login behavior in real time.

Stop new account fraud

Block new account fraud and promo abuse
Maximize marketing efforts with trusted device and email insights capabilities that stop fraudulent new account creations that waste promos, discounts, and other incentives.

Reduce chargebacks

Reduce chargebacks from digital payments fraud
Prevent bad actors from using stolen payment data to purchase gift cards and place orders, reducing chargebacks, card-not-present risks, and inventory loss.

Reduce digital dine-and-dash

Mitigate digital dine-and-dash
A dispute management tool can intercept disputes from good customers attempting digital dine-and-dash and relay transaction details to issuing banks that can resolve disputes.

Identify fraud solutions

Identify solutions give 360-degree customer insights

Kount’s Identify solutions help businesses gain a true 360-degree view of their customers by fusing digital and physical identity attributes. These complete customer profiles allow businesses to interact with visitors securely and with confidence. As a result, businesses can enhance the buying experience at every step of the customer journey.

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Assess fraud solutions

Assess solutions provide pre- and post-authorization fraud protection

Kount’s Assess solutions determine if a site visitor is who they say they are and worth doing business with. Comprehensive risk assessment can prevent loyalty points theft, promo code abuse, and gift card fraud pre-authorization. Meanwhile, post-authorization dispute management tools stop losses from digital dine-and-dash and other instances of friendly fraud.

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Engage fraud solutions

Engage solutions increase brand loyalty

Studies show that restaurants can earn significantly more through up-sells on mobile and online orders. But first, you have to get customers on your app or website. Kount’s Engage solutions allow you to analyze and leverage actionable data from interactions across all stages of the customer journey. Plus, they can help you personalize experiences, so you can put the right options in front of the right customers.

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Grow fraud solutions

Grow solutions drive revenue opportunities with trusted customers

Kount’s Grow solutions provide the data and insights you need to drive more revenue with customers you already know, trust, and understand. Take repeat business to the next level with data-driven up-selling and cross-selling recommendations that compel your best customers to try new products based on their known preferences.

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Kount stops loyalty points theft, promo abuse, digital dine-and-dash, and more


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