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Digital fraud detection and prevention for online gaming companies

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, making it an attractive target for fraud. Prevent revenue loss and protect your players with digital fraud detection and prevention solutions.

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Prevent fraud from ruining the gaming experience

Prevent account takeover attacks
Block or challenge abnormal behavior from fraudsters attempting to hack
into player accounts.

Minimize promo abuse
Customize policies around email use, trusted devices, and promo codes to deter fraudsters from taking advantage of rewards.

Reduce friction for good players
Provide frictionless gaming-buying experiences for known players from login to checkout, regardless of channel.

Stop new account fraud
Prevent fake accounts or bots from creating unfair gameplay, abusing promo offerings, and scamming other players.

Reduce chargebacks
Protect against chargebacks from money laundering schemes, payments fraud, and in-game artifact trading scams.

Resolve friendly fraud disputes
Help players recognize purchases and quickly refund unintentional purchases to avoid chargebacks.

How Drop-in Gaming secures the online gaming experience

Identify solutions build comprehensive player personas

Kount’s Identify solutions provide you with the insights to interact safely with players on your gaming platforms. These solutions combine physical and digital identifier data to construct an accurate persona of web and mobile app users. As a result, you can protect your business and give players a seamless gaming experience.

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Assess solutions mitigate chargeback risks

Kount’s Assess solutions use advanced AI and machine learning to verify that a site or mobile app visitor is a legitimate player. These solutions also integrate tools from major card brands to manage post-authorization disputes and chargebacks from friendly fraud.

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Kount stops fraud and provides a frictionless gaming experience


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