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A complete solution for trust and safety

When it comes to trust and safety, less is more. You should only have to have one platform. One round of development work. One service agreement. One account manager. But multiple solutions. And that’s exactly what Kount 360 provides.

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The challenges of
growing a business

The digital world is constantly evolving. As new threats and opportunities arise, you need more and more platforms to stay relevant. But that means data and processes are siloed. And the isolation can negatively impact your business in significant ways.

Poor results

Without data transparency, you don’t know which strategies are most effective. Or what it would take to improve results.

Operational inefficiencies

You have to spend time and money maintaining countless workflows across multiple platforms.

Inability to scale

It is impossible for all your solutions to keep pace as your business’s needs and goals evolve over time.

Fraud prevention analysis


Introducing Kount 360

Kount 360 is trust and safety technology that can protect your business across the entire customer journey — all from a single platform. This revolutionary approach overcomes the challenges of segmented platforms, giving you the efficiency and transparency you need to be effective.


Everything you need.
All in one place.

Kount 360 offers a complete approach to trust and safety. Our team can help you pick the most relevant solutions and put together a strategy that’s just right for your business.


Understand who is interacting with your brand.


Increase revenue without increasing risk.


Adhere to industry rules and regulations.

Want to use the technology in a unique way? Have specific use cases we haven’t outlined? Let us know. We can customize our solutions to fit your business’s individual needs.

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Best-in-class features

Unique features generate exceptional results.

Single API

Protect your business across the entire customer journey with a single integration.

Flexible Technology

Create a customized strategy with solutions that fit your unique needs and challenges.

Exclusive Data

Improve decision accuracy with immense amounts of data you won’t find anywhere else.

Proprietary Insights

Build policies based on trusted, proven-effective email insights gathered over decades.

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Passwordless authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Enable users to log into accounts without a password — which can easily be stolen. Verify identities with more secure features like biometrics or trusted devices. Virtually eliminate account creation fraud and takeover schemes.

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Identity verification

Identity Verification

Confirm the identity of individuals interacting with your brand. Technology analyzes any personal information provided — such as name, address, email — to determine if the components actually exist and are associated with the individual.

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Reusable identities

Reusable Identities

Join our network with thousands of other merchants, and safely share insights that help reduce customer friction. Once an identity has been verified through our technology, the individual can seamlessly interact with any Kount client.


What our clients are saying

"I love how all of the information is in one place. It makes my job a lot easier."


Brett D.

Customer service representative, Retail

"This software has so many options and allows me to pick and choose what I need."


Nicole L.

A/R analyst, Accounting

"Chargebacks dropped as soon as we turned on Kount. Our chargeback rate is now 50% lower than it was before Kount."


Brett Goldberg

Co-CEO & Co-Founder


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