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Marketing and selling your Kount partnership

Kount is trust and safety technology with a proven track record of helping merchants experience confidence in every interaction. With your help, we bring this game-changing technology to a wider audience and enhance ecosystem safety for everyone involved. 

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Welcome to Kount

What does your new Kount partnership entail? Learn more about what Kount has to offer and who can benefit from our solutions.

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about kount

Who we are

Founded in 2007, Kount is the leader in trust and safety technology. Powered by advanced machine learning, Kount helps businesses grow with complete confidence. The platform includes solutions for fraud detection and prevention, identity verification, chargeback management, regulatory compliance, and more.

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Kount Industries

Who we work with

Kount works with thousands of merchants in hundreds of different industries. Some clients have small operations while others are well-known enterprises. And our experience spans every continent in the world. 


Benefits for your merchants

Kount solutions benefit businesses in dozens of different ways. But it all boils down to one essential element: safe and sustainable business growth. Learn more about the benefits we offer and how to share Kount's value with your merchants. 

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More Revenue

Kount provides a complete strategy for fraud and chargebacks. With better protection, greater insights, and the right solutions, merchants will earn the maximum amount of revenue possible. 

  • Process more transactions by accurately distinguishing between good and bad customers.
  • Successfully up-sell and cross-sell based on buying history and trends.
  • Stop unauthorized transactions from stealing revenue and increasing costs.
  • Respond to chargebacks and recover revenue that has been sacrificed.
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fraud detection software

Less risk

The best risk management strategies have a multi-layer approach. The more solutions a merchant uses, the greater the protection will be. By creating an end-to-end strategy with Kount, merchants have less fraud, fewer chargebacks, and better business credibility. 

  • Stop criminal fraud and the resulting chargebacks.
  • Avoid high-risk customers with a propensity for refunds and disputes.
  • Resolve cardholder complaints before they become chargebacks.
  • Protect merchant account and payment processing privileges.
  • Prevent card brand threshold breaches and avoid monitoring programs.
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Greater efficiency

When it comes to managing fraud and chargebacks, profitability is tied to efficiency and accuracy. That’s why Kount is focused on achieving the very best results with the least amount of effort and lowest costs.

  • Automate repetitive, error-prone tasks to increase accuracy.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity with intuitive, easy-to-use technologies.
  • Increase effectiveness of prevention techniques so there is less risk to manage.
  • Enhance ROI with fewer labor costs.


Benefits for your business

Why has your business partnered with Kount? How can a relationship with Kount impact your business? Learn about the numerous strategic benefits of our newly established partnership. 



A Kount partnership enhances your existing business model. Gain the competitive edge by increasing the perceived value of your services. The new revenue stream and improved user experience will significantly boost your bottom line. 



Kount’s flexible technology can easily scale and adapt to any partner relationship. With Kount, you don’t have to worry about overburdening manual teams or missing opportunities. 



Our expertise, technology, and service are recognized throughout the industry as best-in-class. Rest assured that when you recommend Kount, you are offering merchants the industry’s leading trust and safety solutions. 



The longer your merchants stay in business, the more money you’ll earn. That’s why Kount uses proven-effective techniques to minimize risk without stifling growth. The end result is greater confidence in every interaction — for both you and your merchants. 



Our team will fully support you in bringing the Kount technology and tools to your valued merchants. Whether it’s advice and insights or marketing materials and product support, our dedicated sales, marketing, customer success, and technical resources are ready to help. 


How to market your Kount partnership

Our team has outlined suggested steps that can help you promote your new Kount partnership. Check our tips for both launching and sustaining your efforts. 


Launch your marketing efforts in 4 easy steps

We are excited about this new partnership, and we hope you are too! We encourage you to announce your new Kount partnership to your various merchants and contacts to help expand your reach. Here are some promotional activities we suggest you consider. 


Create a Kount landing page.

We recommend you create a landing page on your website to share details about your partnership with Kount. Here are some key items you might want to include: benefits of Kount’s solutions, details about why a merchant would Kount over other solutions, information about integration, and a form to capture interested leads. Click here to see an example page you can copy. 


Send an email to your merchants and prospects.

Let your merchants know about the new partnership. You will also want to explain how merchants can learn more or get started. Messaging will vary depending on your integration and chosen implementation method. We have a couple template suggestions below. 


Publish a partnership announcement.

A partnership announcement can not only help generate interest in the new relationship, but also increase overall brand awareness for your business. Unfortunately, Kount is not able to provide a quote for a formal press release. However, if you post the partnership announcement on social media and tag Kount, we’ll share it with our network. 


Promote the partnership on social media.

Consider mentioning the partnership on social media with both organic posts and paid ads (if applicable). We recommend a couple of posts within the first month of launching the partnership. Here is an image template, and suggested post copy is shared below. Posts could link to either your new Kount landing page or your partnership announcement. 

Launch templates

We've created several email and social media templates that can help promote our new partnership. 

Hi [first name],

Helping you succeed is our top priority. And we know it’s hard to be successful if fraudsters are interfering with the customer experience and stealing your revenue.

So we’ve teamed up with Kount® to make sure your company is protected and profitable.

Kount is the industry’s leading trust and safety technology with solutions that address risk at every stage of the customer journey — from promo abuse and account takeover fraud to unauthorized transactions and invalid chargebacks. 

We integrated Kount’s technology right into our existing platform. All of your transactions will now be automatically reviewed for fraud — without adding extra time to your checkout process.

We took care of everything, so there’s nothing you need to do to benefit from this new feature. If you want to learn more about this update, we’re here to answer your questions.

[Click here] to learn more about Kount + [your business name]

Hi [first name],

Helping you succeed is our top priority. And we know it’s hard to be successful if fraudsters are interfering with the customer experience and stealing your revenue.

So we’ve teamed up with Kount® to make sure your company is protected and profitable.

Kount is the industry’s leading trust and safety technology with solutions that address risk at every stage of the customer journey — from promo abuse and account takeover fraud to unauthorized transactions and invalid chargebacks. 

You now have the chance to add this protection to your existing [your business name] solution. We make the integration process quick and easy, so you can start benefiting right away.  

[Click here] to learn more about the [your business name] + Kount partnership.

Ready to get started? Let’s schedule a time to talk.

We have some exciting news to share! [Your business name] has partnered with Kount to boost confidence in online interactions. Now, our merchants have access to risk management technology that can do everything from verify identities and protect online accounts to stop unauthorized transactions and prevent chargebacks. Contact our team to learn more.


Ongoing marketing efforts

Your initial launch will generate a lot of buzz for the new partnership. Don’t let the momentum slow down after your big announcement! Here are some things you can do to keep Kount top-of-mind for your merchants and prospects.



If your business sends out a newsletter (monthly, quarterly, etc.), we recommend you regularly mention your partnership with Kount. 


Co-branded One-Pager

Kount provides a customizable one-pager that you can share with your internal team and merchants to highlight the advantages of partnering with Kount. You can get in touch with your Partner Business Manager to request a customer one-pager tailored specifically for your needs. To get an idea of what the one-pager looks like, you can check out our example here.


Blog articles

Kount offers two guest posting opportunities. First, Kount is willing to occasionally provide content for your blog (1-2 times a year). Content will either be original or syndicated from our own site (depending on several different variables). Second, Kount will let our partners publish guest posts on A preference is given to unique content that hasn’t been (or won’t be) published elsewhere. 



Kount is happy to provide a subject matter expert to join you on webinars related to identity verification, fraud detection, chargeback prevention, etc. 


Paid ads

If your company uses paid ads as part of your marketing strategy, we recommend incorporating the Kount partnership. We can provide an artwork template that you can customize for a banner ad. 


Trade shows

We recommend you promote your Kount partnership at the trade shows and other merchant-facing events you attend. If you’d like a Kount subject matter expert to support you in your booth, contact your partner business manager to check availability. 


Sales kickoff call

Kount can provide a subject matter expert to train and enable your team to co-sell relevant solutions.


Dedicated emails

Regular emails with helpful, educational content can help build confidence in both your own business and our partnership. Kount can supply a variety of different resources to mention and link to — ebooks, blog articles, data reports, platform update announcements. You might also want to consider running promotions or incentives for merchants to use Kount.

Email templates

To make this step as easy as possible, feel free to repurpose these templates for your educational emails. 


Hi [Name],

Let’s talk about fraud for a second. 

It’s one of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing today. And it’s a problem that impacts every part of your company.

Fraud will drain your revenue, waste your resources, and cost you manual labor. It will damage your brand reputation and leave you in chargeback monitoring programs.

We want to make sure you’re in the best position to stop fraudulent orders from happening on your website, so you can avoid these repercussions. 

Our partner, Kount, is an expert at detecting and preventing online fraud. 

We encourage you to check out their list of 30 “red-flags” that could tell you an order is high-risk. 

[30 Telltale Signs of Fraud]

We’ve partnered with Kount to offer you access to the best fraud prevention technology in the industry. Interested in getting started? Send us a message!


Hi [Name],

Fraud prevention is a tricky balancing act. 

The goal is to block fraudsters without turning good customers away. And to do that, you need to understand who is actually behind each transaction. 

At the end of the day, you don’t have time to manually review every order, and decide whether it should be approved or declined. 

Which leads us to why we chose to partner with Kount. 

Kount’s technology instantly evaluates every interaction – so you can automatically approve, decline, or hold orders for review based on the level of risk that was detected. 

Because of our partnership, you can let their tools do the heavy lifting! 

Just send us a message to let us know you’re interested in this feature, and we’ll help you with the next steps.



How to sell your Kount partnership

Our team has put together several resources to help you sell Kount's solutions to your innovative merchants. In addition to general assets, we also have solution-specific resources. Select the solutions associated with your partnership to take a deeper dive. If you are unsure about which Kount solutions are relevant or you want to add additional options, contact your partner business manager. 

Recognize triggers and opportunities

Certain business developments can trigger the need for Kount’s solutions. Proactively identifying these indicators gives you a chance to strike up a conversation. Be on the lookout for any of the following situations.

  • Increase in fraudulent transactions
  • Increase in transaction decline rate
  • Increase in chargeback rate
  • Increase in manual review
  • Enrollment in a monitoring program
  • Change in leadership
  • New product launch
  • New website launch
  • Change in ecommerce platform, payment processor, or gateway

Managing common objections

It’s natural for merchants to have reservations about using new technology. Here are some objections our team commonly hears and some suggested responses.

Kount's solution has a very easy integration. Most merchants are integrated, tested, trained, and live in production in about 18 days.

Kount takes security very seriously. They are certified compliant with PCI-DSS, SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Either Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) is used for data transmission.

Most often, it is not whether or not you have a fraud problem but when you will have a fraud problem. This is why many of our clients have been proactive in protecting their revenue and reputation before the fraudsters arrive.

How is your current provider working for you? What areas could they improve on?


Selling identity verification & fraud prevention

We’ve put together various resources that can help you sell Kount’s identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. Reach out to our team if you have any questions or would like to suggest additional assets. 

Brooks case study


Brooks uses Kount for fraud prevention

Check out this real-world example of how Brooks uses Kount to drastically reduce chargebacks, improve customer experiences, and expand into new markets. 


Use these suggestions to help qualify prospects that are interested in identity verification and fraud prevention solutions.

Merchants who do business online or mobile in any industry or vertical are a good fit. Merchants with the following characteristics are especially relevant.

  • Facilitate new account creations or logins
  • Accept digital payments
  • Offer promotions, loyalty programs, or discounts
  • Sell e-gift cards
  • Offer buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS)
  • Offer buy now, pay later (BNPL)
  • Sell goods or services with free trials
  • Sell goods or services via subscriptions
  • Operate affiliate businesses
  • Accept card-not-present transactions or interactions with customers digitally
  • Need to reduce chargebacks (ratio above 0.5%)
  • Have an approval rate below 93%
  • Have a decline rate above 8-10%
  • Are in a high risk vertical such as gaming, gambling, pharmaceuticals, CBD, tobacco, BNPL, travel, or ticketing
  • Have a high average order value
  • Sell luxury items
  • Are expanding into new markets
  • Engage in cross border business
  • Are exposed to card testing

Merchants with the following characteristics are not a good fit for Kount.

  • No technical fit (for example, sells product exclusively through Amazon)
  • Does not provide products or services online or via mobile app
  • Unable to modify or customize their platform
  • Unable to send required data

  • How do you manage the costs of fraud?
  • How do you protect your company’s reputation from account takeovers? Avoid reseller fraud?
  • What questions or concerns do you have about chargebacks?
  • What questions do you have about false positives (declines)? Would you like to create a frictionless experience for your good customers?
  • What are some areas you would like to improve on with your current fraud prevention strategy?

  • Chargebacks (Visa® or Mastercard® monitoring programs)
  • Criminal fraud (3rd-party fraud) or friendly fraud (1st-party fraud)
  • Disputes
  • Card testing
  • Account takeover or stolen credentials
  • Cart abandonment


Selling chargeback management

We’ve put together various resources that can help you sell Kount’s chargeback management solutions. Reach out to our team if you have any questions or would like to suggest additional assets. 


Use these suggestions to help qualify prospects that are interested in chargeback management solutions.

Businesses of all sizes that want help preventing chargebacks or recovering revenue can benefit from Kount solutions. Merchants with the following characteristics are especially relevant.

  • Issues with friendly fraud 
  • Over 0.9% chargeback rate
  • Enrollment in a chargeback monitoring program
  • Classification as a high-risk vertical (MCC) such as gaming, gambling, pharmaceuticals, CBD, tobacco, BNPL, travel, or ticketing
  • Subscription services
  • Free trials 
  • Streaming services 
  • Digital marketing companies 
  • Processes card-not-present transactions, including mail order or telephone order (MOTO)
  • Uses Verifi alerts (CDRN) and would like to increase effectiveness
  • Uses Order Insights and did not experience desired outcomes
  • Wants to recover revenue lost to chargebacks with a more efficient and effective method

  • How do you manage the costs of chargebacks?
  • How do you protect your company's revenue?  
  • What questions or concerns do you have about chargebacks? 
  • What are some areas of your loss prevention strategy you would like to improve?

  • Chargebacks
  • Visa or Mastercard monitoring programs
  • Criminal (third-party) fraud and/or friendly (first-party) fraud  
  • Disputes
  • Protect revenue
eharmony case study


eharmony uses Kount for chargeback management

Check out this real-world example of how eharmony uses Kount to reduce friendly fraud and overcome unexpected regulatory challenges. 


Stay connected with Kount

Do you have questions about your Kount partnership? Looking for additional marketing or sales resources? Your partner business manager can help.


Using the partner portal

The Kount partner portal is your central point of truth for tracking and monitoring leads.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how the portal is used.

  1. You can login here.
  2. You will enter the prospect’s details. Please see this guide on how to submit a referral
  3. A Kount representative will automatically be notified and start working the deal.
  4. You can qualify for incentives for qualified leads.

We encourage you to login periodically to track lead progress from your dashboard.


Connecting with the Kount team

Do you have questions about your Kount partnership? Looking for additional marketing or sales resources? Your partner business manager can help. We recommend you engage your partner business manager (PBM) early and often. Connect with your PBM using