Fraud use cases for complete digital identity protection

Kount’s solutions can help you take proactive measures against fraud use cases across the customer journey. Stop bad actors from opening false accounts, taking over customer accounts, and making fraudulent payments.


Account takeover fraud

In account takeover fraud, bad actors carry out credential stuffing, card testing, and other attacks to access customer accounts.

Kount detects high-velocity attacks from bots and other malicious activities. And it manages trusted devices and failed login attempt data, so you can better secure customer accounts.

Digital payments fraud

In digital payments fraud (or criminal, third-party fraud), bad actors use stolen payment methods on unauthorized purchases.

Kount uses AI, machine learning, a global data network, and customizable policies to assess risk in real time. Use Kount’s transaction safety scores to automatically approve or decline orders.

Friendly fraud

Friendly fraud occurs when legitimate customers dispute charges they don’t recognize or bad actors take advantage of refund and return policies.

Manage customer disputes in one place with a solution that integrates tools from major card brands. Automatically relay transaction details to banks and customers in the event of a dispute.

Loyalty fraud

In loyalty fraud, bad actors steal or transfer stored value (points, discounts, e-gift cards, or other rewards) from customer accounts.

Kount uses global network data, advanced AI, and email analytics to assess risks, detect unusual account activity in real time, and protect stored value.

Chargeback fraud

A chargeback is the reversal of a credit card charge by a customer’s bank or payment processor.

Kount’s solutions can prevent chargebacks across the customer journey. Professional and managed services give you access to fraud experts who can optimize your chargeback prevention strategies.

New account fraud

In new account fraud, bad actors use stolen or false names and email addresses to open accounts and access new user promotions.

Kount’s solutions evaluate trust or risk associated with digital identity elements like, names, email addresses, and devices. Challenge credentials that may have been created or used fraudulently.

Kount’s technology solves a variety of fraud use cases

Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network™ is the largest data network of fraud and trust-related signals. It links unique fraud and trust identifiers from billions of annual interactions and decisions from thousands of fraud analysts to block or challenge fraud in real time.

Kount’s advanced AI uses two types of machine learning to produce reliable transaction safety ratings in real time. Supervised machine learning evaluates past interaction decisions, and unsupervised machine learning detects emerging fraud attacks. Quickly and accurately weigh fraud risks against a customer’s value.

Kount’s technology also includes:

  • Trusted device management capabilities
  • Robust email insights and analytics
  • Customizable fields to further automate and refine order decisions

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