Protecting the Customer Journey and Digital Innovation

Get industry-leading fraud prevention for the entire customer journey – from account creation and login to payments and disputes. Reduce chargebacks, manual reviews, and false positives to increase approval rates and revenue.

Fraud Prevention Use Cases

Digital Payment Protection +

Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS)
Quickly detect and stop fraud in valuable new channels and protect contactless ordering.

Card Testing
Stop rapid attacks and high-volume small orders that test stolen credentials to identify working cards.
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eGift Card Fraud
Identify and stop fraudulent purchases and redemptions for digital gift cards.
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Insurance Digital Risk
Accelerate claims processing, improve underwriting accuracy, and deliver a frictionless customer journey.
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Mobile Fraud
Prevent mobile fraud with Kount’s native SDK for iOS and Android.
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Payment Fraud
Prevent digital payments fraud with AI and the largest data network.
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Promotion Abuse
Protect lead- and sales-generating promotional campaigns from abuse.

Retail Arbitrage
Stop harmful or fraudulent reselling practices that can reduce revenue or hurt customer experiences.

Triangulation Fraud
Identify fraudulent payments and stop order fulfillment on behalf of third-party sites.

Chargeback Protection +

Near Real-Time Chargeback Prevention
Kount, integrated with Verifi, a Visa Solution, stops chargebacks and resolves disputes.
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Chargeback Protection
Protect against chargebacks with AI-driven fraud protection.
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Friendly Fraud
Reduce refund fraud, policy abuse, and other types of first party fraud.
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Refund Fraud
Stop orders by repeat refund abusers or flag likely fraud to stop illegitimate refunds.

Technology Highlights

AI and Machine Learning
Learn about AI-driven features including supervised and unsupervised ML.
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Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Get in-depth insights to personalize customer experiences, detect complex fraud, and model potential outcomes.

Data on Demand
Private data warehouse delivers robust data from deep analysis, reporting, and custom ML models.
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Device Intelligence
Recognize returning customers and deliver personalized experiences while stopping fraud in real time. Learn More

Email Insights
Quickly identify high-value or high-risk customers to improve targeted marketing or prevent fraud.
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Identity Trust Global Network
See how the largest data network drives accurate trust decisions.
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Learn about the actionable transaction safety rating that is produced by Kount’s AI.
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PSD2 Regulation
Comply with SCA and implement TRA exemptions to reduce friction.
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Layer Kount with 3DS2 to protect the complete customer journey.
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User Defined Fields
Delivers custom business and industry information to improve business outcomes.
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See Immediate Results

Reduce ChargebacksStop criminal and friendly
fraud to reduce
chargebacks up to 99%.

Automate DecisionsMake accurate decisions in
real time to reduce manual
reviews up to 83%.

Maximize ConversionsSave the sale and grow
revenue by decreasing
false positives up to 70%.

Reduce FrictionAccurately identify good
customers to improve their


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