Kount 3DS2 Payment Authentication Protects from All Fraud

Kount with 3DS2 Protects the Complete Customer Journey

Kount fraud prevention layered with 3DS2 authentication reduces customer friction and cart abandonment rates to grow revenue, increase cost savings, and improve customer experiences.

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Benefits of Using Kount with 3DS2

Comply with established fraud threshold limits to avoid excessive chargeback programs

Increase revenue by accepting more payments without adding friction for customers

Reduce processing fees by identifying and declining high risk transactions

Prevent fraud not covered by liability shift – protect against friendly fraud and policy abuse

Prevent fraud across the entire customer journey from login through purchase

Gain insights into order decisioning data with built-in business intelligence and analytics

3DS2 Technology

3DS2 payment authentication technology protects cardholders against unauthorized credit card or debit use at the point of checkout. 3DS2 improves upon 3DS to reduce customer friction and cart abandonment, and adds support for newer payment options and devices.

Evaluating 3DS2

1 in 3

Customers say a false decline would negatively impact their decision to shop with a merchant again in the future

451 Research’s Voice of the Connected User Landscape:
Connected Customer Survey, 2019

There are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating the 3DS2 protocol:

1. Compliance with established fraud thresholds is required – 3DS2 doesn’t prevent chargebacks or placement into high fraud rate programs

2. The chargeback liability shift only applies to specific fraud types – it excludes friendly fraud, policy abuse and other types of chargebacks

3. 3DS2 authentication creates friction – increased friction can lead to cart abandonment

4. 3DS2 protects only at the point of payment – not the rest of the customer journey, including new account creation and account takeover

5. 3DS2 is not free – each card issuer has a fee structure for their 3DS2 protocol

3DS2 and Fraud Protection

1 in 4

Customers have abandoned a purchase due to a false decline in the past 6 months

451 Research’s Voice of the Connected User Landscape:
Connected Customer Survey, 2019

3DS2 and Fraud Protection

A comprehensive fraud protection platform is essential for taking advantage of 3DS2—3DS2 doesn’t replace the need for a fraud solution.

A layered approach that combines the Kount fraud prevention platform and 3DS2 authentication can reduce customer friction and cart abandonment rates to grow revenue, increase cost savings, and improve customer experiences.

Learn how Kount and 3DS2 deliver layered protection.

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Kount’s Layered Approach With 3DS2

Used together, Kount and 3DS2 can prevent fraud before the transaction occurs to reduce friction and comply with fraud limits. Kount’s adaptive AI and Identity Trust Global Network are the first line of defense——assessing the risk of each transaction and approving good customers or flagging risky transactions.

By measuring transaction risk through Kount, merchants can customize their risk tolerance levels to either approve a low-risk transaction or require additional customer authentication methods through 3DS2.

Kount and 3DS2 for PSD2 Regulation

Kount helps merchants achieve PSD2 and SCA compliance without increased friction to take advantage of TRA exemptions at a reduced cost without losing sales.

Kount uses risk-based authentication which adjusts friction inthe authentication processes based on the risk of compromise to the system.

It allows merchants to move closer to a frictionless checkout experience without compromising the security that 3DS2 provides. Using Kount, each merchant can customize their own risk-based authentication fraud checks.

Layer 1: Kount’s Risk Evaluation – Stop fraud and determine transaction risk

Kount’s adaptive AI and Identity Trust Global Network apply advanced fraud protection while identifying transaction risk.

Identifying low-risk transactions eligible for TRA exemptions allows merchants to:

  • Reduce friction and increase acceptance rates
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Reduce processing fees

Layer 2: Merchant Risk Tolerances – Apply the appropriate friction based on transaction risk

Merchants set risk tolerances to differentiate between low, medium and high-risk transactions to deliver the right amount of friction.

  • Differentiate low risk transactions to bypass 3DS2 without friction
  • Identify medium risk transactions that require active or passive 3DS2 authentication
  • Identify and decline high-risk transactions

Kount Features for 3DS2

Device Fingerprinting

Identifies virtual machines, emulators, or advanced fraud tools

Proxy Analysis Tool

Determines whether a router is communicating with other servers and if a device needs to be challenged or blocked

Multi-Dimensional Velocities

Looks at constants and variables to detect and stop attacks

Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics

Enables merchants to identify, track, and report on risk

Learn how 3DS2 and Kount protect to reduce customer friction

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Kount Technology for 3DS2

Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention technology and solutions reduce digital payments fraud and account takeover fraud, protect against chargebacks, and enable personalized customer experiences.

Kount’s Real-Time Identity Trust Global Network

Kount has the largest network of trust and risk data, linked by adaptive AI for real-time fraud prevention, account takeover protection and personalized customer experiences. The Identity Trust Global Network combines trust and fraud signals from 32 billion annual interactions from 50+ payment processors and card networks to establish the level of trust for each identity behind every payment, account creation, and login event to block fraud in real time and provide the desired customer experience.

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Kount’s AI with Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

Kount’s unsupervised machine learning uses advanced algorithms and models to detect transaction anomalies. It catches emerging fraud attacks that supervised machine learning models can’t catch before they result in chargebacks. Omniscore is the actionable transaction safety rating that is produced by Kount’s AI, detecting payments fraud with a 250 millisecond response rate. The result is fewer false positives and negatives, and more good transactions to generate revenue.

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Benefits of Using Kount with 3DS2

Kount Products and Services Create a Complete Solution With 3DS2

Protects against digital payments fraud, allowing merchants to achieve desired business outcomes around chargebacks, decline rates, and operational costs, for the most accurate eCommerce fraud detection.

Looks at user behavior and device and network anomalies to detect and stop high-risk activity such as bots, credential stuffing, and brute force attacks. It evaluates whether a login should be allowed, declined, or challenged.

Protects against types of friendly fraud – such as forgotten purchases and shared cards – to help increase sales margins, improve customer experience and, on average, deliver 5x the return on investment.

Provides an alternative to 3DS2 for liability shift. It is ideal for companies that want to stabilize their fraud expenditures with predictable costs and guaranteed protection against criminal fraud, chargebacks, and losses.


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