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Fraud and identity trust solutions for payment technology providers

Join Kount’s partner program to access the world’s best digital enablement and consumer insights capabilities that increase revenue, protect businesses, and drive customer lifetime value.

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Benefits of Kount’s partner-centric program

Access Kount’s unmatched identity trust and consumer insights platform

Augment your business to generate additional revenue, differentiate, reduce costs, and mitigate risk

Align solutions with business strategies to drive client lifetime value

Grow your business with industry-leading, purpose-built fraud and identity trust solutions

Protect the entire customer journey and drive personalized commerce

Get dedicated sales, marketing, customer success, and technical resources

Access dedicated partner resources

As a valued Kount partner, you’ll have exclusive access to the following dedicated resources to help you deliver more value to your customer and achieve your business objectives.

Strategic business management

  • Manages the business relationship
  • Drives lead volume
  • Improves close ratio
  • Develops pipeline and revenue goals
  • Ensures proper integrations
  • Resolves escalations and issues
  • Launches and communicates internal initiatives

Expert sales support

  • Acts as a subject matter on the partner’s platform and target markets
  • Works with a team of proven closers to drive revenue
  • Develops partner leads for defined opportunities within industry-leading time frames
  • Solves additional pain points and uncovers opportunities to increase shared revenue

Comprehensive co-marketing

  • Creates collaborative demand generation
  • Produces partner-focused collateral and case studies
  • Coordinates sales enablement and trainings
  • Develops joint market awareness events and webinars

Enhance your payments ecosystem

Kount’s partners get access to solutions that combine the power of advanced AI, two types of machine learning, and the largest network of identity insights and fraud-related signals. Together, these elements identify good customers, assess risks, and engage with customers according to unique business policies.

Generate new revenue streams with comprehensive identity trust and fraud solutions. Offer value-added services to retain customers, increase market share, and grow total processing volume while leveraging Kount’s partner-dedicated resources to accelerate sales.

Provide the best customer experience to protect and grow your business. Industry-leading financial institutions partner with Kount to secure digital identities, optimize payments, and gain end-to-end anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) compliance solutions. Kount’s unparalleled consumer insights optimize services and marketing efficacy.

Integrate Kount’s identity trust and fraud solutions with your platform to optimize consumer experiences, protect transactions, and deliver value to your customers through personalized offers.

Extend your market and grow your revenue through value-added services while leveraging Kount’s vertically fluent sales and marketing resources to help you scale.

Kount’s pre-built integrations provide merchants with industry-leading identity trust and fraud solutions for the entire customer journey.

BlueSnap reduces merchant chargeback rate by 500%

BlueSnap believes every customer has the right to a seamless online experience. But the company’s rising chargeback rate and labor-intensive fraud detection and manual review process made it hard for them to grow.

So BlueSnap became a Kount partner and implemented automated fraud prevention across their entire portfolio. As a result, BlueSnap gave its mid-level and top-tier merchants a customizable fraud solution, reduced merchant chargeback rates by 500%, and more — all from one integration.

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AI fraud prevention delivers accurate decisions in milliseconds

Fraud costs add up fast. So stopping malicious or suspicious activity across your portfolio is critical for success. A global fraud survey found that businesses manually review up to 8% of orders. But Kount partners that automate decisions can reduce — or eliminate — manual reviews.

An AI-driven fraud solution can drive operational efficiency and put more time, resources, and personnel into true business growth. Plus, you can help your merchants and customers prevent fraud across the buyer’s journey.

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Join Kount’s partner program for unmatched fraud and risk assessment that drives customer lifetime value


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