Chargeback Reduction Plan Template

Has your payment processor asked you to create a chargeback reduction plan? This template helps simplify the plan’s creation and ensures the management strategy is effective. Download this free resource and start reducing risk now. Simply add your business's information and you're all set!

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Thank you for allowing Kount to plan a small role in your chargeback management efforts. We hope this template makes the process a little easier so you can start seeing results even faster. 

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Want help putting your plan into action?

If your acquirer or processor has asked for a chargeback reduction plan, consider yourself lucky. You have the chance to fix mistakes and improve your business. But a plan is only the first step.

You have to make sure chargeback activity actually decreases. And that usually requires various chargeback prevention tools used at different stages of the transaction lifecycle. 

Kount offers a complete chargeback prevention strategy via one simple integration. You can start preventing chargebacks in as little as 24 hours. Contact our team today to learn more.