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What is Kount Command?

Kount Command is one of our trust and safety technology platforms that houses many of our payment solutions — like fraud detection.

Learn more about what this platform does and how to benefit from its capabilities. 

What does Kount Command do? 

Kount platforms are built with three key components: 

  1. Data for analysis and insights
  2. Artificial intelligence for automation
  3. Machine learning for continual process optimization

Command uses all three elements to ensure confidence in every interaction. 

Usually, this confidence comes in the form of fraud detection and prevention. However, the technology can be customized for other unique use cases. 

Workflows typically progress in this order: 

  • A user interacts with a business (creating an account, making a purchase, requesting a loan, etc.).
  • Data about the user and the interaction is collected. 
  • Provided data is compared to data in our database. 
  • A risk score — called OmniscoreTM — is calculated. 
  • Business policies are consulted to determine the accepted risk level and appropriate action to take. 
  • The interaction is approved, declined, or manually reviewed. 
  • Responses are funneled back into the database to influence future decisions. 

You can learn more about AI and machine learning for fraud detection on our blog.

What kind of data is in the Kount database? 

Command leverages data housed in Kount’s database. 

This data has been collected from thousands of global clients and partners for more than a decade. We also incorporate a century’s worth of data from Equifax®.   

Our data includes:

  • Payments data — bank names, currencies, payment type, country, etc.
  • Location data — shipping address, billing addresses, time zone, etc.
  • Unique customer data — coupon codes, loyalty numbers, user-defined fields, etc.
  • Digital identifier data — device type, IP addresses, logins, sites visited, etc. 

The breadth and depth of our database is what enables Kount’s AI and machine learning models to develop the most accurate insights possible.

Learn more about Kount data

How do you collect data?

In order to make accurate risk assessments, we need to collect information about your users and their interactions with your business. 

This information is typically stored in a variety of places. You might have data in some or all of these platforms:

  • Payment processor portal
  • Ecommerce platform
  • Gateway
  • CRM or order management system
  • Website or mobile app

There are a couple different ways for Kount Command to integrate with these platforms. 

  • Your development team can use an application programming interface (API) to connect platforms to Kount. 
  • Your development team can connect your mobile app with a software development kit (SDK). 
  • You can launch Kount via an existing platform integration. We have already established connections to dozens of payment processors, gateways, CRMs, and ecommerce platforms. 

Keep in mind that Kount follows strict data security requirements. Keeping data safe is our highest priority — your client data will always be secure during transit and at rest.

What is the integration process like? 

There are a couple ways you can integrate Kount Command depending on your internal systems and preferences.

Direct integration

We offer direct integrations of the Command platform into your existing workflows and platforms. This type of integration is customized to fit your needs and work with the systems you already have in place. Speak with a member of our team to learn exactly how our direct integration process would work for you.

Third-party integrations

We also offer third-party integrations through platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, and more. These integrations are typically quick and simple — as easy as flipping on a switch.

How do users access Kount Command? 

Kount Command can be accessed via a portal called the Agent Web Console (AWC). 

The dashboard includes various tools that allow clients to use our data and intelligence. 

  • Workflow management helps clients intuitively address manual reviews if desired.
  • Control center allows clients to easily adjust their fraud strategy without engineering or development resources.
  • Orchestration hub provides clients with access to useful third-party services.
  • Analytics provide clients with visibility into trends and metrics across all transactions.
Learn more about our dashboard

Do you offer other platforms besides Command? 

Kount provides a complete strategy for trust and safety. Some of our solutions are housed in their own unique platforms. 


Control hosts solutions like new account fraud prevention and account takeover prevention.

One of our newest product updates includes a tag bridge that allows data to flow from the Control platform to Command, giving Command users access to more data. 

Dispute and Chargeback Management

Our DCM platform provides various chargeback prevention solutions such as order validation, prevention alerts, and RDR. 

Learn about chargeback management


Midigator joined the Equifax family in 2022. Midigator helps clients fight invalid chargebacks and recover lost revenue. 

Learn about the Kount + Midigator partnership

Kount 360

We recently launched a new platform called Kount 360. Kount 360 is gradually incorporating all the capabilities of our various platforms into an all-in-one solution with a single user interface.

Learn about Kount 360

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