What is Kount Control?

Kount Control is one of our trust and safety platforms that hosts solutions like new account fraud prevention and account takeover prevention.

Learn more about what this platform does and how to benefit from its capabilities. 

What does Kount Control do? 

Kount platforms are built with three key components: 

  1. Data for analysis and insights
  2. Artificial intelligence for automation
  3. Machine learning for continual process optimization

Control uses all three elements to ensure complete account protection. 

Workflows typically progress in this order: 

  • A user interacts with a business (creating an account or logging in to an existing account).
  • Data about the user and the interaction is collected. 
  • Provided data is compared to data in our database. 
  • Business policies are consulted to determine the accepted risk level and appropriate action to take. 
  • The interaction is approved, declined, or challenged with step up authentication. 

What kind of data does Kount Control use? 

Control leverages device and network data housed in Kount’s database to detect suspicious account behavior. 

This data has been collected from thousands of global clients and partners for more than a decade. We also incorporate a century’s worth of data from Equifax®.   

From this data, we look at information like:

  • User behavior — login attempts
  • Device and network anomalies — abnormal activity from bots, credential stuffing, and brute force attacks
  • Trust and risk signals — trusted device status, IP addresses, mobile and proxy indicators, etc.
  • Velocity tracking — high activity from bots, password spraying, etc.
  • Account behavior — personal or payment information changes

The breadth and depth of our database is what enables Kount’s AI and machine learning models to develop the most accurate insights possible.

Learn more about Kount data

How do you collect data?

In order to make accurate risk assessments, we need to collect information about your users and their interactions with your business. 

The technology accesses data collected from the user's device and any other information involved in the account creation or login event. 

Keep in mind that Kount follows strict data security requirements. Keeping data safe is our highest priority — your client data will always be secure during transit and at rest.

What is the integration process like?

Kount Control has a few integration points.

  • Device Collection — information gathering stage
  • Login API —  customer login stage
  • Event API — user events such as account creation, order placement, logging in and out, and more 
  • Trusted device — trusted device record creation stage

To learn more about integrating Control into your workflow and internal systems, reach out to our team. We’re happy to walk you through the whole process.

How do users access Kount Control? 

Kount Control can be accessed via our online portal. 

The portal includes various tools that allow clients to use our data and intelligence. 

  • Dashboard: Provides reports for a quick snapshot of activity
  • Event Analysis: Allows users to dive into individual events for analysis
  • Decision Manager: Enables users to edit profiles, policies, lists, and tags 
Learn more about our dashboard

Do you offer other platforms besides Control? 

Kount provides a complete strategy for trust and safety. Some of our solutions are housed in their own unique platforms. 


Kount Command is one of our trust and safety technology platforms that houses many of our payment solutions — like fraud detection.

One of our newest product updates includes a tag bridge that allows data to flow from the Control platform to Command, giving Command users access to more data. 

Dispute and Chargeback Management

Our DCM platform provides various chargeback prevention solutions such as order validation, prevention alerts, and RDR. 

Learn about chargeback management


Midigator joined the Equifax family in 2022. Midigator helps clients fight invalid chargebacks and recover lost revenue. 

Learn about the Kount + Midigator partnership

Kount 360

We recently launched a new platform called Kount 360. Kount 360 is gradually incorporating all the capabilities of our various platforms into an all-in-one solution with a single user interface.

Learn about Kount 360

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