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How to use Ethoca Alerts to prevent chargebacks

Ethoca’s chargeback alerts are a very valuable risk management tool. They can effectively stop certain chargebacks from happening.

But to achieve the best results possible, you’ll need to understand how alerts work and what it takes to manage them.

What are chargeback alerts?

Ethoca alerts are a warning system that can help you prevent chargebacks. 

Ethoca has created a technology platform that connects cardholder banks and merchants. Through this connection, the bank can contact you directly if there is a problem with a transaction. Once you’ve been alerted to the situation, you can refund the transaction, resolve the dispute, and stop the chargeback from happening.

What are the benefits of chargeback alerts?

There are several advantages of using chargeback prevention alerts. Any merchant — whether card-present or card-not-present, big or small — can benefit from this dispute resolution technology.

  • Reduce chargeback rates by 30-40%. Intercept and resolve customer disputes before they become chargebacks. Keep chargeback counts low to avoid potential merchant account closure.
  • Be notified of complaints within 24 hours rather than waiting for a chargeback 2-5 weeks later. Identify and solve underlying issues so you can stop future disputes from happening. 
  • Stop fulfillment before merchandise ships. Retain fulfillment, shipping, and product costs.
  • Enhance the customer experience with quick resolutions. 

How do chargeback alerts compare to other prevention techniques?

How do Ethoca alerts fit into a comprehensive prevention strategy? How does this technology compare to other available options?

  • Alerts have a very simple integration process. You can get up and running in a matter of hours, meaning you’ll almost immediately start to see a reduction in chargebacks. 
  • The technology platform used to issue alerts has been around for years — it is well-established and proven effective.
  • Of all the tools currently available, alerts have the highest success rate and stop the most chargebacks.


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How to get started with Ethoca Alerts

There are two ways to integrate to the Ethoca alert platform. One option is to integrate directly with Ethoca. But we recommend integrating through a preferred partner like Kount.

IMPORTANT: Alert prices are the same whether you integrate directly with Ethoca or you integrate through Kount. But with Kount, you’ll get all the alert functionality with the added bonus of automation and reporting — at no additional cost.

If you sign up for prevention alerts through Kount, you’ll receive additional benefits that will yield a much higher return on your investment.

Which is the best integration option? Why would you use Kount instead of going directly to Ethoca?

Direct with Ethoca

  • Chargeback and alert data siloed in different platforms
  • Manually submitted alert resolutions
  • No analytics or reporting on prevention alert performance
  • Potential for lost opportunities by not responding within 24 hour window
  • Significant increase in labor cost due to manual processes
  • Enterprise-level merchants only

Alerts with Kount

  • All dispute data, including alerts, managed from a single dashboard
  • Automatically submitted alert resolutions
  • Reporting and analytics on all prevention alerts
  • Ease of use and automation limit the risk of cases expiring before resolution
  • Little to no increase in manual processes or labor costs
  • No minimum alert volume requirements
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Level up your chargeback protection with alerts today!

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Our team is ready to show how alerts can protect your business and reduce your chargeback volume by 30-40%.

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How do I manage alerts with Kount?

Ethoca’s alert platform allows the cardholder’s bank to contact you directly if there is a problem with a transaction. Through this connection, you can take necessary steps to quickly resolve the cardholder’s complaint.

The following is a basic overview of how alerts are used to prevent chargebacks and how Kount helps simplify the process.

  1. You sign up for prevention alerts. The onboarding process is simple and easy. Request a demo to get started today.
  2. The cardholder disputes a transaction. The alert platform intercepts the dispute, pauses the chargeback process, and sends an alert.
  3. Kount receives the alert on your behalf. We notify you that an alert has been received so you can login and manage it. This helps ensure you act quick enough to stop the chargeback. 
  4. You refund the transaction. You might also complete other follow-up actions, like cancelling the subscription or stopping fulfillment, if applicable.  
  5. You respond to the alert. This lets the bank know that a refund has been issued and a chargeback isn’t necessary. Kount’s one-click submission makes this process easy, especially if you use other prevention services in addition to Ethoca’s. 
  6. The results are analyzed. You gauge the effectiveness of your efforts and stop future disputes from happening. Kount’s real-time reporting makes this easy, especially if you use multiple services to prevent and fight chargebacks. Having all your data in one place provides unprecedented transparency and the most accurate analysis.
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Let’s get started today!

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  • Easy integration with zero technical know-how required
  • Fast onboarding provides quick results
  • User-friendly technology with automated processes
  • Detailed reporting to monitor results

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One small piece of the chargeback puzzle

To achieve the best results possible, you’ll want to use prevention alerts in conjunction with other services.

  • Order validation helps customers understand their purchases and prevents disputes caused by confusion or misunderstanding. 
  • Data analysis reveals the underlying reason for disputes so you can solve problems at their source. 
  • Real-time reporting ensures you know what is happening with your business at any given moment, helps you gauge the effectiveness of your efforts, and reveals opportunities for improvement. 
  • Customized notifications allow you to monitor what matters most to your business and enable preemptive action to solve issues before they happen. 
  • Chargeback responses recover revenue lost to chargebacks and boost your bottom line.

Get all these benefits — and more — by managing chargebacks with Kount. Our technology makes it easy to create a comprehensive chargeback management strategy.

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