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A Better Chargeback Guarantee

Stop paying for chargebacks.

Sit back and watch your revenue grow with chargeback insurance, fraud prevention, instant decisions, and complete data transparency.

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Automate Every

100% coverage means no chargebacks or manual reviews.

Stop Chargebacks

Industry-leading AI and Machine Learning gives you accurate results.

Ultimate Data Transparency

Access your data and know your key KPI’s and approval rates.

Chargeback insurance you can trust

Measure success to improve results. Kount’s Chargeback Guarantee provides complete access to fraud data and protects businesses with insurance from chargebacks. Easily track performance, course correct quickly, and get more revenue in every channel.

Kount’s Chargeback Guarantee runs on the largest network of trust and fraud signals, combined with adaptive AI and ML for unmatched accuracy. From a website visit to login, checkout or account creation, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network goes to work analyzing billions of identifiers to establish identity trust and make decisions in real time.

Businesses get hands-free protection without chargebacks. Plus, they can increase approval rates and access data to back up their results.

We were able to quickly onboard and saw an almost immediate elimination of chargebacks. The icing on the cake is that it also saved our team a lot of internal resources doing reviews on transactions. Every retailer doing eCommerce needs a solution like this.”

Goorin Bros

How It Works

Automate decisions to give your team valuable time lost to manual reviews, policy adjustments, and analysis.

Real-Time Decisions
Kount’s AI makes accurate decisions in milliseconds to give customers exceptional, frictionless experiences.

Flexible Models
Never get stuck in a single fraud prevention model. Kount offers a range of services to fit your business goals as they change.

Stable Costs
Stabilize fraud expenditures with predictable costs and guaranteed protection against criminal fraud, chargebacks, and losses.

Data Transparency
Access Kount’s reporting and data to track fraud, decline, approve, and false positive rates.

Dedicated Support
Gain a responsive team that will tune your protection to accept every good order.

Try a guarantee you can trust.

Considering a chargeback guarantee? See why AI and data set Kount’s solution apart.

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