Chargeback Prevention With Verifi, A Visa Solution | Kount

Verifi, A Visa Solution, for chargeback prevention

With Kount and Verifi, you can take advantage of powerful post-authorization tools to identify and prevent chargebacks.


Prevent chargebacks, resolve disputes, inform policies

Kount’s Dispute and Chargeback Management solution integrates with post-authorization tools from Verifi. Intercept disputes and stop chargebacks from Visa payments and save the sale. No development resources or complex integrations necessary.

Stop chargeback losses, decrease chargeback rates, and avoid penalties.

Protect revenue
from chargebacks and inventory loss.

Relay transaction details to help customers recognize purchases.

Communicate with banks in real time to save time on the dispute process.

What Verifi’s post-authorization tools can do for you

Order Insight® identifies and stops friendly fraud

Automatically relay transaction details to help Visa cardholders recognize purchases in the event of a dispute. Reduce payment disputes from friendly fraud, and reveal policy abuse.


Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®) intercepts disputes

Within 72 hours, you can resolve pre-dispute cases directed by participating CDRN issuers. Automate seller-initiated refunds to stop participating issuers from escalating disputes to chargebacks.

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) auto-decisions disputes

Apply auto-decisioning to resolve Visa disputes from friendly and criminal fraud. Customize refund policies within a robust decision engine. Automated refund policies can improve customer experiences, save manual review time, and prevent dispute-filing errors.

INFORM prevents future chargebacks

Receive data for all confirmed fraud and chargeback notifications in real time. Analyze this data to track and improve fraud rates, gain customer purchase insights, and identify chargeback patterns. Improve fraud strategies and optimize manual reviews.

Kount’s dispute and chargeback solution can help you prevent fraud and stop chargebacks.


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