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Dispute and Chargeback Management Solution

Act on customer disputes from one dashboard to stop chargebacks, save sales, improve customer experiences, and reduce future fraud.

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How Kount’s chargeback management software works

The dispute and chargeback management software is a dashboard that integrates with post-authorization tools from Verifi, A Visa Solution, Ethoca Consumer Clarity™, and Ethoca Alerts to help you prevent revenue loss from criminal and friendly fraud. Automatically respond to customer inquiries, and manage chargeback alerts and notifications in one place.

Chargeback Dispute AlertsInquiries

Inquiries tell you when customers have disputed charges with their issuing banks.

As soon as you receive an inquiry in the chargeback management software, you can collaborate with banks by relaying additional information about the transaction.

Chargeback Management AlertsAlerts

Alerts tell you that chargebacks are about to be issued.

As soon as you get a chargeback alert, you can take action. Manually or automatically relay the status of a refund to stop chargebacks in progress.

Chargeback Management NotificationsNotifications

Notifications tell you that chargebacks are incoming.

As soon as you get a chargeback notification, you can stop shipments to prevent inventory loss. Use information about the chargeback to adjust fraud policies and improve customer experiences.

Chargeback management solution benefits

Reduce Chargebacks

Reduce chargebacks almost immediately

Deflect chargebacks and resolve disputes as soon as customers contact their issuing banks.

Refund Purchases

Communicate refunds quickly

Resolve customer disputes quickly to save time, money, and resources on manual reviews.

Save the Sale

Save the sale

Deflect chargebacks by relaying transaction data that can help customers recognize purchases.

Manage Disputes and Chargebacks

Manage disputes and chargebacks in one place

Act on and resolve post-authorization disputes as soon as they happen.

Fraud Prevention Data

Inform future fraud prevention

Use decision data insights and analytics to adjust policies within your anti-fraud solution.

Positive ROI

Pay only for positive outcomes

Kount’s chargeback solution has no set-up costs, monthly minimums, or long-term commitments — just positive ROI.

Access post-authorization tools from major card brands

Verifi | A Visa Solution

In partnership with Verifi, A Visa Solution, Kount customers can act on disputes with Near Real-Time Chargeback Prevention.

Verifi’s powerful set of chargeback prevention tools — Order Insight®, the Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®), and INFORM — can help you identify, prevent, and resolve chargebacks.

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Consumer Clarity™ provides additional details — like merchant names and logos, purchase locations, and itemized digital receipts — to cardholders and banks. Relaying more details about a transaction can eliminate transaction confusion.

Ethoca Alerts allows you to get confirmed fraud and customer service alerts that help intercept and deflect disputes from criminal and friendly fraud, post-authorization and pre-chargeback.

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Deflect disputes from accidental and intentional friendly fraud

In accidental friendly fraud, good customers forget or don’t recognize purchases. In intentional friendly fraud, bad actors try to exploit policies to get goods for free. A friendly fraud solution can help prevent chargebacks from disputes in both cases.

A friendly fraud solution can help businesses relay transaction details to issuing banks and customers. In the event of a dispute, these transaction details can help customers recognize purchases. And if you pair a friendly fraud solution with Kount Command, you can learn more about which customers may be committing friendly fraud intentionally.

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Chargeback Management Support

Get expert help with professional and managed services

Partner with experts as part of Kount’s professional and managed services. Kount’s experts can help you optimize fraud policies, build internal expertise, and improve business operations. Maintain performance on established service levels, and achieve desired business outcomes with confidence.

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Chargeback Reduction

Getty Images reduces chargebacks

With the help of Kount’s AI and machine learning technology, Getty Images identified more fraud and reduced their chargeback rate by 90%. Implementing Kount’s solutions was nearly effortless and helped a small team scale fraud prevention operations.

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