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Protect your business from card testing, credential stuffing, and malicious bot attacks. Provide frictionless experiences, and protect your customer accounts from account takeover fraud.

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How Kount’s account takeover solution works

Kount Control prevents account takeover attacks by detecting high-velocity attacks from bots, credential stuffing, and other malicious activities. Plus, Kount Control customers can manage trusted devices and track failed login attempt data to improve account protection policies.

The account takeover solution combines machine learning, device intelligence, and customizable business policies to identify risky login behavior in real time. Whether from credential stuffing, card testing, bot attacks, or other abnormal activities, Kount Control challenges high-risk behavior and reduces friction for good customers.

Top benefits of account takeover fraud protection

Reduce friction for good

Stop account takeover

Detect high-risk login

Get a complete view of
account login activity

Protect customer data and
stored value

Reduce Chargebacks

Analyze login trends to
improve business policies

Challenge high-risk activity with multi-factor authentication

Kount Control customers can use Equifax Secure MFA to link a user’s mobile number and device or SIM card through a dynamic hyperlink delivered via SMS or email. Confirm that a customer can access the device, SIM, or email associated with the customer account.

Analyze real-time login and account trends

Kount Control customers can generate real-time reports on failed login attempts, risky IP addresses, compromised accounts, and other inbound anomalies. Reports can uncover valuable customer insights that can improve business policies and customer experiences.

Kount Command provides complete customer journey protection

Kount Command offers complete customer protection and delivers accurate identity trust decisions in milliseconds. This AI-driven fraud prevention solution uses two types of machine learning to approve high-trust interactions and decline low-trust interactions. Automate decisions to reduce false declines and increase revenue.

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