Chargeback protection solutions for merchants

Kount offers chargeback prevention services and solutions that can help merchants and businesses reduce chargebacks while preventing fraud across the customer journey.

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Prevent criminal fraud to reduce chargebacks pre-authorization

Kount Command is the leading AI-driven digital payments fraud prevention solution for merchant chargeback protection. Kount Command reduces digital payments fraud, prevents chargebacks, and allows businesses to personalize customer experiences. Businesses that prevent payments fraud before they authorize a transaction are less susceptible to chargeback fraud and inventory loss.

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Businesses can use a fraud prevention solution like Kount Command to protect against chargebacks. Let’s say a potential customer interacts with a business’s website or mobile app (i.e., opens an account, redeems loyalty points, or tries to complete a purchase). Kount uses advanced AI and machine learning to analyze data from the interaction against billions of other interactions in the Identity Trust Global Network™.

This analysis helps establish the potential customer’s level of identity trust and generates a safety rating. Businesses can pair the safety rating, Omniscore, with customizable business policies to approve, decline, or hold transactions for manual review. Kount can help businesses approve good customers immediately and decline bad actors.

Deflect chargeback disputes with integrations from major card brands

Kount’s Dispute and Chargeback Management solution protects against friendly fraud and allows businesses to intercept chargebacks as they occur. This chargeback service is for businesses that want to resolve disputes and avoid fees from friendly and criminal fraud. From a single Kount dashboard, businesses can view chargeback inquiries, alerts, notifications as soon as they happen. This allows businesses to manage, act on, and resolve disputes quickly.

This chargeback management solution gives businesses access to Near Real-Time Chargeback Solution, an integration with Verifi, A Visa Solution, and Ethoca Alerts. Now integrated with Kount, these powerful chargeback prevention services notify businesses when customers initiate disputes and provide options to handle them. Knowing when a customer initiates a dispute means businesses can intercept chargebacks and deflect and decision them automatically. This solution can help businesses save time and money on the chargeback process, refund purchases or stop shipments quickly, and prevent inventory loss.

Discover the true cost of chargebacks from fraud with “The Comprehensive Guide to Chargeback Prevention.”

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Automate decisions and partner with fraud experts

Kount’s chargeback guarantee and professional services help businesses measure their success and improve results. It provides complete access to fraud data, so businesses can easily track performance, course correct, and get more revenue in every channel. Kount provides a number of custom options to automate decisions to eliminate manual reviews, stops chargebacks immediately, and provides reporting and data to track fraud, decline, approval, and false positive rates.

  • Automate decisions to save time on manual reviews, policy adjustments, and analysis.
  • Make accurate, real-time decisions for frictionless customer experiences.
  • Access fraud prevention models to fit changing business goals.
  • Stabilize fraud costs with guaranteed protection against criminal fraud and chargebacks.
  • Access Kount’s data to track fraud, decline, approval, and false positive rates.
  • Partner with Kount’s fraud experts to fine tune policies and accept more good orders.

Prevent account takeover attacks that can lead to chargebacks

Kount Control provides adaptive authentication for account takeover protection. An account takeover solution protects against future chargebacks by preventing bad actors from accessing customer accounts. When bad actors can’t access customer accounts, they can’t use stored payment methods to make fraudulent purchases that can lead to chargebacks and related fees.

Kount Control helps businesses prevent chargeback without adding unnecessary friction to the customer experience. The solution takes a multi-layered approach to stop malicious logins, detect bot activity, and customize customer experiences. Kount Control accepts good customers and detects bad actors attempting brute-force or credential stuffing attacks. Businesses can challenge questionable activity with multi-factor authentication (MFA) via Kount Email MFA for one-time passcodes or Equifax Secure MFA.

How Getty Images reduced chargebacks, improved customer experiences

Since Getty Images deployed Kount’s AI and machine learning technology for chargeback protection, it has identified more fraud and seen fewer false positives. With Kount, Getty Images decreased fraud losses without declining good customer transactions.

Since implementing Kount, Getty Images reached a total chargeback-to-sales rate of less than .01%. That’s an over 90% reduction in chargebacks, compared to Getty Images’ historical highest chargeback levels before Kount. Today, Getty Images averages a fraud decline rate of less than 0.5% of all authorizations with a false decline rate of 0.06%.

Kount’s chargeback solutions can reduce chargebacks up to 99%.

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