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Chargeback protection solutions for merchants

Kount’s chargeback prevention services and Assess solutions mitigate chargeback risks pre-authorization and post-authorization to help merchants reduce chargeback rates and fraud losses.

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What is a chargeback protection solution?

A chargeback protection solution assesses interactions against billions of data points in the Identity Trust Global NetworkTM to prevent fraud before a business authorizes a transaction. Then the solution integrates tools from major card brands into a single dashboard so that businesses can save time and money on the chargeback process post-transaction.

As part of Kount’s Assess digital fraud solutions, chargeback protection takes a deeper dive into a customer’s associated chargebacks, disputes, buying behavior, and propensity to pay. That knowledge gives Kount customers a better understanding of the risks and opportunities around a given buyer.

Benefits of chargeback protection for merchants

Reduce chargeback rates and avoid fraud monitoring programs

Act on dispute inquiries and chargeback alerts in real time

Deflect disputes from accidental and intentional friendly fraud

Communicate the status of a refund to prevent a chargeback

Integrate solutions from major card brands in one dashboard

Save the sale and reduce fraud losses

How chargeback protection solutions work

Kount’s chargeback protection solution uses the leading AI-driven digital payments fraud platform to stop criminal fraud pre-authorization and reduce chargebacks. Businesses that prevent criminal fraud before they authorize a transaction are less susceptible to chargeback fraud and inventory loss.

Post-authorization, Kount’s friendly fraud solution allows businesses to deflect disputes and intercept chargebacks as they occur. From a single Kount dashboard, businesses can view chargeback inquiries, alerts, and notifications as soon as they happen. The easy-access dashboard allows businesses to manage, act on, and resolve disputes quickly.

Partner with experts to fine-tune fraud prevention policies

Kount’s chargeback and professional services help merchants track performance, course correct, and get more revenue in every channel.

Kount’s chargeback and fraud experts fine-tune policies and implement fraud prevention models to fit changing business goals. As a result, merchants can accept more good orders and track fraud, decline, approval, and false positive rates.

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Getty Images reduces chargebacks, improves customer experiences

Since Getty Images deployed Kount’s industry-leading AI and machine learning technology for chargeback protection, it has reached a total chargeback-to-sales rate of less than .01%.

That’s a 90% reduction compared to its highest historical chargeback levels. Today, Getty Images averages a fraud decline rate of less than 0.5% and a false decline rate of 0.06%.

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Kount’s chargeback solutions can reduce chargebacks up to 99%


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