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Chargeback protection solutions for merchants

Chargebacks have negatively impacted your business for long enough. It’s time to take a stand. And Kount can help. Put an end to the frustration and revenue loss caused by chargebacks.

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What is a chargeback management solution?

A true chargeback management solution provides the technology, expertise, and strategy you need to keep chargebacks in check. Pick the right solution and you can expect more revenue and less risk — all with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits of a chargeback management solution

Lower chargeback rates, avoid monitoring programs, protect your reputation, and maintain payment processing capabilities.

Generate more revenue from good customers and recover revenue when bad customers try to take it away.

Reduce costs with increased efficiency, improved accuracy, greater transparency, and fewer error-prone processes.

Automate mundane, repetitive, labor-intensive tasks to boost employee satisfaction and easily scale with business growth.

Collaborate with industry professionals to eliminate confusion and create the right strategies with the best results.

Resolve issues at their source with data-driven decisions instead of hunches and guesses so success is long-lasting.

How chargeback management solutions work

Chargeback management solutions create multiple layers of protection — preventing as many chargebacks as possible and responding to what can’t be prevented.

Various tools can be used to reduce the risk of chargebacks. Some prioritize keeping chargeback rates low and others focus on saving the sale. When chargebacks can’t be stopped, other solutions make it easy to respond and recover revenue that’s been unfairly sacrificed.

Partner with experts for end-to-end protection

Kount’s industry-leading chargeback management solutions are now even better than before! We’ve partnered with Midigator® to add additional layers of revenue protection, ultimately creating an end-to-end strategy for all your chargeback challenges.

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Case study: How Getty Images reduces chargebacks with Kount

Since Getty Images deployed Kount’s solutions for chargeback protection, the company has dropped its chargeback-to-sales rate to less than 0.01%.

That’s a 90% reduction compared to its highest historical chargeback levels. Today, Getty Images averages a fraud decline rate of less than 0.5% and a false decline rate of 0.06%.

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