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How PersonSearch Uses Technology to Cut Chargebacks and Scale Growth

PersonSearch* helps customers easily locate public and criminal records so that they can make informed decisions about who they interact with. From helping customers track down old friends or relatives to making sure a potential roommate or date has a clear past, PersonSearch is a trusted source of information.

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decrease in chargeback count


decrease in chargeback ratio


Fast-paced growth. Inefficient fraud management processes.

PersonSearch started as a small company with a few employees. For a while, one person wore all the hats — managing business operations, growth strategies, and chargeback management.

Over the past few years, the company has experienced significant growth. And with it, an increase in fraud-coded chargebacks. Because one person had to manage multiple aspects of the business, the issue quickly got out of hand — putting PersonSearch at risk of enrollment in a chargeback monitoring program.

The company knew they needed help from experts to ensure they solved the problem correctly. They also needed a solution that could automatically scale with their growth so they wouldn’t have to manually adjust their strategy every time they experienced a surge in new customers.


Adaptable, scalable technology improves operations.

When searching for a solution, PersonSearch wanted to be able to automate most of the chargeback management process but still be able to customize the technology to fit their business needs. And that’s what led them to Kount’s technology.

PersonSearch was able to create a multi-layer strategy using various tools at different stages of the dispute lifecycle to prevent as many chargebacks as possible. They can also easily adjust the solution as needed. For example, they decided to automatically refund any dispute under $7 to lower chargebacks and make the dispute process more efficient.


A simple strategy leads to lasting results.

Chargeback management was once confusing, time-consuming, and burdensome for PersonSearch. But after implementing a technology solution, the company has become skilled at recognizing and managing trends — allowing them to easily address new issues right when they happen.

With the new technology in place, PersonSearch completely eliminated the risk of monitoring programs. Shortly after launch, they decreased their chargeback ratio by 90% — from a high of 2.2% to a monthly average of 0.2%. 

Each month they stop roughly 93% of disputes from becoming chargebacks. Overall, that’s led to an 86% decrease in their monthly chargeback count.

With chargebacks under control and a scalable approach to managing disputes in place, PersonSearch can focus on expanding the business rather than putting out fires.

PersonSearch decreased chargebacks with Kount
PersonSearch decreased chargeback ratio with Kount
PersonSearch resolves chargebacks with Kount

The extent of their knowledge and their response time is unreal. If I'm doing something and need it verified, I get same-day responses."

— Fraud analyst, PersonSearch

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* Our customer asked that their name be anonymous.