How Kount Recovers Revenue with Fewer Costs and Higher ROI

Jessica Velasco | Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 | 8 minutes

What would you think if someone told you it was possible to recover revenue that you’ve unfairly lost to illegitimate chargebacks without lifting a finger or exerting any effort?

What if you were also told that the revenue you’d recover would far exceed the costs you’d put into earning it?

If you think that sounds like a far-fetched claim or an impossible reality, then you don’t want to miss the story Oscar’s Outdoor Odyssey* has to share.

The Story of How a Merchant Recovered More Revenue with Fewer Costs and No Manual Labor


This is the story of how a merchant used Kount automation to fight chargebacks more successfully and efficiently.


Oscar’s Outdoor Odyssey, an online retailer that sells wilderness survival supplies, was experiencing notable year-over-year sales growth.

Merchant sales growth

Oscar was excited about the influx in revenue but was also overwhelmed by all the day-to-day responsibilities of running a successful business. One area, in particular, where Oscar struggled was chargeback management. This shortcoming was especially worrisome because chargebacks were becoming more and more of an issue as sales increased.

Merchant transactions and chargebacks

It pained Oscar to lose money to chargebacks. He knew in his gut that a good portion of those transaction disputes were friendly fraud. He really wanted to fight back and recover the lost revenue, but there were so many challenges to overcome:

  • Chargeback rules are complicated. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do or when he had to have it done by.
  • He didn’t have time to fight chargebacks. Oscar was wearing nearly all the hats in his business, and fighting chargebacks wasn’t a priority when he had to do things like get orders out the door.
  • His chargeback responses didn’t win. When he did make time to fight back, he usually lost!
  • He had a negative ROI. The effort Oscar put into fighting chargebacks cost more than what he was able to recover.


Chargeback Response Win Rate


Quarterly Revenue Recovery


Return on Investment


Oscar was losing almost $8,000 to chargebacks each month. He realized he didn’t have a sustainable business model. As sales increased, chargebacks would increase too.

So, Oscar reached out to Kount. He was able to easily hand off his chargeback management responsibilities and let Kount fight on his behalf.

  • Kount connected to Oscar’s CRM (customer relationship management software) and his payment processor.
  • Kount created chargeback response templates that could be customized for each dispute based on reason code, available compelling evidence, product type, processor specifications, and more.
  • Kount received chargebacks on Oscar’s behalf from his payment processor.
  • The technology retrieved necessary compelling evidence from Oscar’s CRM to complete the chargeback response packages.
  • The technology automatically submitted chargeback responses to Oscar’s payment processor in near real time to eliminate the risk of expired cases.
  • Kount updated customer information in Oscar’s CRM to note the action taken and cancel future purchases if applicable.
  • Kount clearly displayed all outcomes in its user-friendly, interactive dashboard so Oscar could monitor results in real time.


Oscar’s Outdoor Odyssey saw an immediate improvement in their ROI.


ROI Before Kount


ROI After Kount


Total Increase in ROI

ROI improved because of two key factors: revenue recovery increased and costs decreased.

Revenue Recovery Increased

Kount was able to fight more chargebacks than Oscar could, so there were more opportunities to recover revenue.

Because Kount knew what to submit and how to submit the chargeback response packages, the cases were more compelling and had a higher win rate.

And because responses were submitted almost instantaneously, Oscar’s Outdoor Odyssey capitalized on every opportunity to recover revenue; there was no risk of cases expiring or revenue being forfeited.

Win rates


Win Rate BEFORE Kount


Win Rate AFTER Kount

Recovered Revenue


Recovered Revenue BEFORE Kount


Recovered Revenue AFTER Kount

Cost Decreased

Kount's technology-enabled pricing was less expensive than the value of Oscar’s time. Also, the technology knew what should and shouldn’t be fought, ensuring resources weren’t wasted on cases that had no chance of winning.

Combined, these elements resulted in a 34.1% decrease in management costs.

Overall results

↓ 34.1%

Decrease in Management Costs

↑ 241.3%

Increase in Revenue Recovery

↑ 1,163%

Total Increase in Management ROI

Oscar learned a very important lesson. Chargebacks are not just a cost of doing business. There are cost-effective ways to fight back against friendly fraud and recover lost revenue.

Do You Want to Recover More Revenue and Achieve a Higher ROI?

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At Kount, we believe the challenge of running a business should be delivering great products or services, not managing payment risk.

Our technology removes the complexity of payment disputes so businesses can get back to business.

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