2021 CNP Awards recognize Kount’s Professional and Guarantee Services

Kount's CNP Awards, starting with the most recent 2021 awards.

For nearly a decade, Kount has swept the annual CNP Awards in the customer choice antifraud and security categories. This year, Kount was the only entrant to top more than two categories, taking home an unprecedented three awards:

  • Judge’s choice for Best Antifraud Solution for Managed Solutions
  • Customers’ choice for Best Antifraud Solution for Managed Solutions
  • Customers’ choice for Best Antifraud Solution for Case Management

In the managed solutions category, the CNP Awards recognize providers of managed, outsourced technology and solutions. The best solutions effectively identify and prevent fraud by performing all or part of a merchant’s fraud-related work. This work may include consultative advice, manual review resources, and chargeback guarantees.

In the case management category, the CNP Awards recognize solution providers that best assess and guide online merchants on user or transaction risks. Entrants in this category can use rules-based scoring and machine learning to identify suspicious online transactions, users, or activity.

For businesses, knowledgeable fraud partners can make all the difference to their fraud prevention strategies. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Kount’s Professional and Guarantee Services the best solutions for managed services and case management.

What are Kount’s Professional and Guarantee Services?

Kount provides in-depth, custom engagements through its Professional and Guarantee Services. These services deliver real-time fraud prevention, create operational efficiencies, and help businesses personalize customer experiences.

Kount’s Professional and Guarantee Services are available for businesses that need expert support in establishing trust and risk management strategies. With these services, businesses can

  • Gain transparency in fraud prevention decisions.
  • Maintain success measurements.
  • Reallocate internal resources from fraud to more strategic initiatives.
  • Partner with fraud experts for fraud strategy collaboration and customization.

Professional services are data-driven consulting engagements. They’re designed to meet the needs of each business, informing, creating, and helping them execute trust and risk management strategies. Kount’s guarantee services help businesses maintain established service or chargeback levels, align business incentives, and provide additional solution protection.

Kount’s Policy Management and Optimization (PMO)

An illustration of a performance meter.

Through its Policy Management and Optimization (PMO) services, Kount delivers regular, in-depth performance analyses and ongoing business policy management and optimization. With this service, businesses get expert, guided insight into Kount’s advanced analytics. Insights include monthly reports and recommendations for policy optimization and implementation. Kount has been developing and implementing fraud prevention best practices for over 13 years. So businesses can rest assured that Kount can solve complex fraud problems quickly.

Kount’s PMO services are ideal for businesses that anticipate — or are experiencing — complex fraud attacks. They may also have business problems that aren’t third-party fraud or need additional fraud prevention guidance. Businesses that operate in complex ecosystems or are targeting rapid growth can take a hands-off approach to fraud prevention.

Kount’s Performance Guarantee

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Kount’s Performance Guarantee delivers all the support of Kount’s PMO services. The guarantee includes ongoing, in-depth performance analyses and operational policy management and optimization. Businesses that use this guarantee also benefit from collaboration and reporting from Kount’s fraud experts. Kount’s experts will apply their knowledge to a business’s set risk thresholds to help them further achieve desired outcomes.

The Performance Guarantee helps businesses maintain established service levels and success criteria. Kount will even provide service credits if businesses don’t achieve consistent success measures.

This guarantee is ideal for businesses that want to align business incentives and overcome specific challenges with a trusted partner. As a result, these businesses can focus on achieving specific KPIs with confidence, knowing they’re backed by industry fraud experts.

Kount’s Managed Services

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Through Kount’s Managed Services, businesses can take a hand-off approach to fraud prevention. Through this service, Kount’s experts will provide ongoing support, implementing Kount’s solution from business policy creation to manual reviews. Managed Services also include Kount’s PMO services, which deliver regular, in-depth performance analyses and ongoing business policy management and optimization.

Under a Managed Services agreement, Kount can help businesses create and measure fraud prevention success criteria through monthly performance reports. These reports can help businesses improve collaboration and transparency across channels and departments.

Kount’s Managed Services are based on best practices, proven and tested by fraud experts over 13 years. Managed Services are ideal for businesses that need to build internal fraud expertise or reallocate resources to activities other than day-to-day fraud prevention operations.

Kount’s Chargeback Guarantee

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Kount’s Chargeback Guarantee provides instant approve or decline decisioning with 100% coverage of eligible fraud-related chargebacks. Kount’s Identity Trust Global NetworkTM and advanced AI block fraud in real time and help businesses experience risk-free revenue growth. This guarantee covers chargebacks and chargeback fees for any eligible fraudulent transaction that Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention solution approves.

The Chargeback Guarantee is ideal for businesses that are using fraud prevention tools proactively for the first time but don’t have the resources to commit to fighting fraud. This service can help those businesses stabilize fraud expenditures with predictable costs and guaranteed protection against criminal fraud, chargebacks, and losses.

What are the CNP awards?

The CNP Awards have honored companies in the card-not-present space since 2013. The annual awards recognize industry leaders across 15 eCommerce categories that stop fraud across channels and help businesses deliver frictionless customer experiences. A panel of five card-not-present fraud, risk, and payments industry experts select judges’ choice award winners. An online majority vote of merchant customers and product users decides customer choice award winners.

Experts and customers agree, Kount’s Professional Services are the industry’s best

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Experts and customers agree, Kount’s Professional Services are the industry’s best

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