Today’s Top Fraud Fighting Solutions Are Not Created Equal: Kount vs. Iovation

Kount concludes its review of the enterprise fraud market with a comparative analysis of Iovation®. Building upon The Paypers’ published “Web Fraud Prevention & Online Authentication Market Guide” for 2017-2018, Kount developed the below graph to illustrate where the two solutions separate from one another and where they are similar. The Paypers asked each vendor to identify key features falling under six general categories, including: Technology Platform, Methodology, Intelligence, Digital Identity Verifications, Online Authentication and Other. 

From a feature perspective, Iovation falls short in the Intelligence, Digital Identity Verification, Online Authentication and Other categories. Specifically, under the Digital Identity Verification Category, The Paypers highlights that Iovation does not support digital identify verification and has limited online authentication and intelligence capabilities. Also, under the Intelligence category, Iovation lacks the address verification, case management and recovery features. The Paypers also illustrates that under the Online authentication category, Iovation was not able to offer the recommended session analysis feature.

On a broader level, Iovation and Kount differ in how they deliver their solutions. Kount, with its patented machine learning (ML) technology, is widely recognized as a SaaS-based enterprise solution.  Iovation, in comparison, is categorized as a point-solution that is focused on device identification. 

An Iovation specific solution could place merchants at a disadvantage when fighting fraud. Because fraud is ever changing, it requires multiple technologies working together to deter fraudsters. When adopting a point solution, merchants must identify the specific features that would support and complement existing point solutions. This burden assumed by the merchant may slow the process, drive up costs and create vulnerabilities within a merchant’s fraud strategy.

The benefits of adopting an enterprise solution ensure that all components of the technology work together providing the fastest, most accurate information.  Because Kount is a SasS offering, it is continually updated and introducing new and complimentary technology that addresses the changing tactics of fraud. For instance, Kount recently announced its integration with BehavioSec to expand its behavioral biometric capabilities updating its’ capability in detecting BOTs, minimizing the risk of account takeover, and driving more stringent user verification.  Kount’s suite of solutions all support customization, domain expertise and machine learning to fight fraud and protect merchant’s businesses. This protection results in a reduction of fraudulent orders, chargebacks and manual reviews.

Iovation 1

Iovation 2

As published in The Payper’s Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide.

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