Identity Trust Global Network | The Power of Networked Data

The Power of Networked Data

Access the largest data network of trust and fraud-related signals to drive quick and accurate trust decisions.

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Multi-Dimensional Data Network

By linking signal data from 32 billion annual interactions across 250 countries and territories, 75+ industries, 50+ payment processors and card networks, and decisions from thousands of fraud analysts, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network TM blocks payments fraud and account takeover fraud in real time and enables personalized customer experiences.

Cross-Industry Data

With data from over 75 industries, Kount’s AI quickly and accurately identifies and delivers a trust level – even for industries that see a limited number of identities or a narrow subset of identity types.

For example, a digital merchant specializing in furniture is unlikely to encounter the same customer more than once or twice, as consumers replace high-value items infrequently. Fewer encounters mean limited access to identifier data.

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By having a deep data set, Kount’s AI provides visibility and intelligence far beyond the limited data available to a single company or industry. Through the Identity Trust Global Network, Kount not only enables identity verification, but delivers accurate, real-time identity trust levels to enable the most effective fraud prevention. The results are immediate, including low false positives, high automation, low manual reviews, personalized customer experiences, and frictionless customer interactions – all of which grow revenue.

Cross-Geography Data

The Identity Trust Global Network includes distinguishable fraud and trust identifiers from 250 countries and territories, allowing businesses to confidently research and expand into new geographies.

Without access to fraud and trust identifiers from a global dataset, a national chain – such as a clothing retailer – would be unable to link local interactions to international fraud patterns. If that retailer expands its global reach through a direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform, their limited dataset exposes them to new fraud. To respond, they would need to increase friction, sacrificing good customers and sales.

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Kount’s global dataset allows businesses to escape the limitations of a geographically-isolated dataset. Using AI to link fraud and trust patterns at the local and global levels, Kount helps businesses to grow quickly and safely.

Cross-Company Size Data

With extensive data from a broad spectrum of company sizes – including both SMBs and large enterprises – Kount’s network immediately upgrades the accuracy of fraud prevention for businesses at every stage of growth.

For example, a new chain of beauty shops may target rapid expansion. But with a limited sales history, their access to trust and fraud signals is constricted by their narrow customer base. Growth exposes them to fraud patterns that are familiar to large, established chains.

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Data and intelligence from Kount’s entire network allows emerging businesses to compete fearlessly, whether they are adding locations, scaling eCommerce, or rolling out frictionless account and payment platforms. With access to a deeper dataset, startups can innovate with enterprise confidence.

Cross-Payment Provider and Card Network Data

Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network includes data from over 50 leading payment processors, eCommerce platforms, and card networks to deliver more accurate and automated fraud decisioning and to enable the risk-free adoption of new payment options.

Payment convenience can be the difference between a loyal and lost customer. For a new business, rapid growth depends on risk-free access to the broadest number of payment methods, processors, and technologies. Using a solution that depends on one particular card network’s data increases exposure to new fraud patterns when adding new payment methods.

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Kount’s partnerships with payment providers convert risk into opportunity. Businesses can easily add convenient payment methods, regardless of provider, confident that Kount’s AI quickly analyzes the data across those entities to provide more accurate trust decisions.

Accessible Data Types

With its deep and varied dataset, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network enables real-time connections that allow businesses to optimize both fraud prevention and customer targeting to maximize revenues.

In the streaming industry, a new digital channel typically collects email and payments data. But without the ability to instantly amplify that data with geographical data, unique customer data, or previously unknown digital identifiers, their isolated dataset is inadequate for fraud detection at any scale.

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But by collecting those additional data types from more than 32 billion annual interactions, Kount can reliably reveal the true trust level of existing and new customers, quickly and accurately detecting fraud while enabling personalized experiences that build loyalty.

Real-time identity trust requires payments data, location data, digital identifier data, and unique customer data.

User Defined Fields

Kount links customer-defined data fields to its Identity Trust Global Network, allowing businesses to optimize their fraud prevention even as they test and launch innovative campaigns.

In many businesses, loyalty programs are a proven way to attract new customers and encourage repeat business. But without a way to connect participants to larger fraud patterns through coupon codes or affiliate codes, a loyalty program can become an entry point for fraud, jeopardizing good customers.

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With User Defined Fields (UDFs), Kount’s AI can link custom business data points to its broad network of trust and fraud signals, quickly separating trustworthy and risky interactions. And those same UDFS provide businesses with insights and accuracy unavailable in other fraud solutions.

Data On Demand

Kount’s Data on Demand solution provides collected data from Kount’s platform that is enriched with data from Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, hosted by Kount in a private data warehouse for deep analysis, reporting, and custom ML models.

Analytics from the aggregated data can uncover insights into fraud anomalies and the value or risk associated with each customer, business, or partner. It can also reveal business operation improvement opportunities, and can surface customer and market insights for product improvements.

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Analytics can additionally provide a 360-degree view of customers across channels to uncover true omnichannel customer behavior and experience, providing insights for enhanced customer targeting.

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