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The Leading eCommerce Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount Command is an award winning, AI-driven fraud protection solution that is trusted by more than 9,000 companies to reduce digital payments fraud, protect against chargebacks, and deliver personalized customer experiences.

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Solution Benefits

Protect against chargebacks and disputes

Reduce false positives and save the sale

Reduce manual reviews and automate decisions

Increase operational efficiencies

Use Cases

CNP and Alternative
Payments Fraud

Mobile Payments

Loyalty and
Promotion Fraud

Solution Highlights

Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention solution is simple to implement, easy to use, and delivers the most accurate eCommerce fraud protection to help businesses dramatically improve bottom-line profitability. The solution includes everything needed to evaluate trust levels:

  • An extensive network of trust and fraud related signals
  • Advanced AI and machine learning
  • The ability to create, edit, and test business policies
  • A case management tool for manual reviews
  • Reporting and analytics to evaluate everything from macro trends to a single transaction
  • An orchestration hub for third party integrations

How It Works

When an interaction takes place on a website or mobile app, the data from this interaction is sent to Kount via simple APIs. Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network TM and adaptive AI immediately evaluate the data and generate a safety rating, Omniscore. Omniscore flows through custom business policy thresholds and the interaction is either approved, declined, or held for manual review.

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Identity Trust Global Network TM

Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network TM uncovers the true level of trust behind interactions where other solutions often miss fraud, or create false positives and unnecessary friction due to limited datasets and lack of real-time AI.

The largest data network of trust and fraud-related signals drives quick and accurate trust decisions, linking signals from payments data, location ID data, digital identifier data and unique customer data.

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From a website visit to login, checkout, or account creation, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network goes to work analyzing billions of identifiers to establish real-time links between identity elements in order to return identity trust decisions that provide the desired customer experience—ranging from low friction to blocking fraud.

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Adaptive AI and Machine Learning

Kount’s AI links identity trust data by using unsupervised and supervised machine learning to analyze billions of fraud and trust-related identity signals, and to deliver accurate identity trust decisions within milliseconds. It simulates an experienced fraud analyst by weighing the risk of fraud against the value of the customer, but much faster and with the ability to scale.

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Omniscore is the actionable transaction safety rating that is produced by Kount’s AI. The highly predictive score can be relied upon when decisioning orders, reducing dependence on manual review and reactive fraud rules. The result is fewer false positives and negatives, and more good transactions to generate revenue.

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Command Center

The Command Center case management system provides the ability to fine-tune fraud prevention decisions, conduct investigations, and monitor performance. It enables customers to create rules and policies that meet their unique business needs and customize risk thresholds to address emerging attack methods, new use cases, and issues such as card testing.


Datamart is the analytics and reporting functionality within the platform that enables reporting on the rich data points collected from payment transactions, customer interactions, and outcomes. It allows in-depth investigation into suspicious behavior as well as business performance. New discoveries can inform future rules and policies created within the Kount solution, and can also provide a breadth and depth of customer knowledge. That knowledge can lead to improved marketing activities, the introduction of new use cases, or the expansion of sales channels. The analysis possible with Datamart goes far beyond preventing fraud behaviors to providing insights into business performance.

Data on Demand

Data on Demand provides collected data from Kount’s platform that is enriched with data from Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, hosted by Kount in a private data warehouse for deep analysis, reporting, and custom ML models.

Analytics from the aggregated data can uncover insights into fraud anomalies and the value or risk associated with each customer, business, or partner. It can also reveal business operation improvement opportunities, and can surface customer and market insights for product improvements.

Solution Delivery

Kount offers several deployment options based on needs, resources, and budgets. These options range from having in-house fraud teams manage the day-to-day fraud and chargeback monitoring operations, to outsourcing day-to-day operations to Kount, to guaranteed solutions like Kount’s chargeback guarantee or performance guarantee services.

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