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What Is Device Intelligence?

Device Intelligence is a seamless blend of technologies – including device fingerprinting, AI-driven fuzzy matching, and advanced AI models – that allows businesses to collect detailed device information from site visitors and shoppers. By instantly linking a device to hundreds of signals in Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network™, Device Intelligence accurately identifies a device and flags anomalies each time a user logs into a website or mobile app. With this information, businesses can deliver personalized experiences to known customers, and detect and stop fraud in real time.

How Device Intelligence Works

Using several technologies, like Kount’s Trusted Device and AI-driven fuzzy matching, Kount’s Device Intelligence networks hundreds of trust and risk signals to reveal a complete view of the device.

· Device ID collects insights about a device associated with a specific user. It accurately identifies returning visitors based on their previously used device parameters and location.

· Device Recognition enhances Device ID by associating the device with a level of trust by linking it to the Identity Trust Global Network.

· Trusted Device stores information about the user and their devices, noting whether a device has been seen before and whether it can be trusted.

· AI-Driven Fuzzy Matching uses advanced AI and machine learning to identify if the current device is similar to a trusted device that the customer has used before.

Why Device Intelligence Has Overtaken Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting helps identify users based on their browser and device settings. Fingerprints are a collection of data points, generated by devices, that help distinguish unique devices from one another. Several factors have reduced device fingerprinting’s role in device recognition and identification, including:

· An explosion of new devices

· Popular browsers that limit device fingerprinting

· Companies engaging customers via multiple digital channels

· Multiple techniques to bypass device fingerprinting protections

While device fingerprinting remains an important signal, Device Intelligence has emerged as a modern identification method that links multiple signals to identify good customers from bad.

Device Recognition Stops Fraud and Increases Engagement

Combined with account and payments transaction data, device recognition can be a powerful tool to drive conversions and loyalty, and to identify high-risk patterns of behavior. By recognizing customers before they take any action, businesses can target campaigns and customize experiences to drive higher levels of engagement.

The same device recognition data also enables businesses to accurately uncover risk indicators, like the number of accounts, emails, or phone numbers that are connected to a device, to stop fake accounts and fraudulent transactions.

Networked device recognition data enables businesses to be more confident in the level of trust behind each interaction. Kount links device data to its Identity Trust Global Network, the largest network of trust and fraud signals including 17+ billion devices and more than 32 billion annual interactions. With that augmented data, businesses can easily reduce fraud and improve customer experiences.

Kount Trusted Device Reduces Friction

Businesses must deliver great customer experiences – especially for loyal, returning customers. Kount’s Trusted Device matches good customers with their devices to reduce friction at login. By linking several familiarity signals, Trusted Device can often identify a customer’s device even through private browsing or in a new browser. In cases where a login occurs from a device without a trusted state, Kount uses advanced AI and machine learning to make a fuzzy match, examining and connecting the device attributes to make a match to known trusted devices for the user. Accurate identification reduces the need for multi-factor authentication and drives customer loyalty.

The Kount Difference

Kount pioneered device fingerprinting and is reinventing it with Device Intelligence. Using advanced AI, Trusted Device, anomaly identification, and a myriad of other strategies, Kount stops malicious attacks in real time while also enabling customized experiences that drive conversions and loyalty.

Combining unsupervised and supervised machine learning, Kount’s AI uses advanced algorithms and models to detect device anomalies in real time. It takes into account both historical fraud patterns and behavioral anomalies to instantly determine the trust level of a device. The result is fewer false positives and negatives, and more good interactions to generate revenue.

In today’s fraud landscape, a single approach is not enough. Kount’s adaptive AI and ML link hundreds of pieces of device data to the Identity Trust Global Network to uncover the true level of trust behind interactions. The result is Device Intelligence: the most accurate way to scope risk and trust, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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