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Kount’s Assess solutions help you minimize risk and seize opportunities by helping you determine if a site visitor is who they say they are, worth doing business with and extending offers to, or a fraudster.

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Accurate digital fraud and risk mitigation

In this rapidly evolving commerce ecosystem, protecting your digital properties, assets, customer
identities, and brand reputation is essential. Kount’s Assess solutions use advanced AI and machine learning for pre-authorization criminal fraud protection.

Plus, it integrates tools from major card brands for post-authorization dispute and friendly fraud management. Combine that with Equifax’s unmatched insights around borrowing behavior, firmographics, demographics, and credit status to make lighting-fast data-driven decisions.

Features and capabilities

Accurately classifies fraudulent online interactions using Kount’s AI-driven technology while providing frictionless experiences for good customers.

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Relays transaction details to issuing banks and customers to help customers recognize purchases and stop disputes from becoming chargebacks.

>> Prevent friendly fraud

Identifies and prevents account deposits and withdrawals for compromised and fraudulent accounts by analyzing events for risk and change indicators.

Correlates customer behaviors to assess their risk in a retail environment and determine their likelihood of purchasing products with the intent to resell or refund.

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Integrates tools from major card brands to help businesses manage customer inquiries and chargeback alerts into a single dashboard to save time and money on the chargeback process post-transaction.

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Protects customer loyalty accounts and programs by monitoring and flagging activities that may compromise the account or go against terms of use.

>> Prevent friendly fraud

Customizes policies around email use at signup, referral, promo code redemption, or coupon use to prevent abuses that can waste marketing spend

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Combines machine learning and customizable business policies to evaluate activity against billions of global data points to determine the trustworthiness of e-gift card purchases.

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Kount Assess products

Kount Command uses advanced AI, equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning, to analyze billions of global data points from Kount’s Identity Trust Global NetworkTM to deliver accurate, automated identity trust decisions in real time.

Kount Control prevents account takeover and uses machine learning to detect high-velocity activity from bots, credential stuffing, and other malicious attacks. Plus, Kount Control customers can manage trusted devices and track failed login attempt data to improve account protection policies.

The Dispute and Chargeback Management solution integrates with post-authorization tools from Verifi, A Visa Solution, Ethoca Consumer ClarityTM, and Ethoca Alerts to prevent revenue loss from criminal and friendly fraud. Automatically respond to customer inquiries, and manage chargeback alerts and notifications in one place.

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