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Kount’s Engage solutions help you reduce friction for good customers, deliver hyper-personalized experiences, and create omnichannel consistency to gain customer loyalty and advocacy.

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Persona insights that drive customer interactions

Each customer’s circumstances, needs, and preferences are unique, so they need more personalized and streamlined experiences when interacting with a website or app. That’s where the powerful combination of Kount and Equifax technologies comes in.

Together, they allow you to collect, store, analyze, and leverage actionable data from interactions across all stages of the customer journey. For example, understanding browsing patterns, tastes, and propensity to spend can help you market more effectively and provide the right offers to the right customers at the right times.

Business optimization

Targeted persona marketing


Omnichannel consistency

Reduced friction

Loyalty and advocacy

Features and capabilities

3-D Secure authentication

Involves the customer in the fraud protection strategy by requiring them to complete verification steps with their card issuer during payment.

>> Access 3DS authentication

Authorization optimization

Uses machine learning to increase revenue by analyzing and improving payment authorization rates.

Kount Engage products

Kount Command uses advanced AI, equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning, to analyze billions of global data points from Kount’s Identity Trust Global NetworkTM to deliver accurate, automated identity trust decisions in real time.

Kount Control prevents account takeover and uses machine learning to detect high-velocity activity from bots, credential stuffing, and other malicious attacks. Plus, Kount Control customers can manage trusted devices and track failed login attempt data to improve account protection policies.

Data on Demand enhances your customer knowledge with thousands of additional data points from Kount’s global data network. Businesses can analyze the data alone or combine it with company-collected data for deeper analytics on one platform.

Kount’s Engage solutions provide deeper insights for more targeted customer interactions


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