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Payments fraud detection and prevention solutions

Kount’s payments fraud and Assess solutions help you verify the identity of a site visitor to minimize risk and maximize revenue opportunities.

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What is a payments fraud solution?

A payments fraud solution protects against digital fraud across the entire customer journey. First, the solution analyzes data from every online interaction using advanced AI equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Then it compares that data to billions of other interactions in the Identity Trust Global NetworkTM to establish the level of trust or risk for the customer and the interaction in real time.

As part of Kount’s Assess digital fraud solutions, a payments fraud prevention solution provides insights from payment transactions and customer interactions. From there, you can decide if a site visitor is worth doing business with and extending offers to.

Benefits of a payments fraud solution

Automate approve and
decline decisions

Reduce false positives
and false declines

Customize policies and rules
according to business needs

Reduce friction for good

Accept more good orders
to increase revenue

Use data to inform future
fraud strategies

Payments fraud analytics for a complete solution

Let’s say a user interacts with your e-commerce website or mobile app. Kount’s payments fraud solution uses integrated dashboards, data mining, reporting, and workflow tools to restructure raw data into a comprehensive presentation of relevant information. As a result, you can accurately assess the risks associated with the user and the interaction.

After that, you can plan and manage risks, staff workload, transaction queue, rule effectiveness, and more. And you can set policies to approve or decline the interaction automatically. Thus, you can accept more good orders, reduce false declines, and increase revenue.

How Brooks removes friction and fraud from the customer journey

After implementing Kount’s payments fraud solution, Brooks reduced its chargeback rate by 92%. Once chargebacks were under control, Brooks could use Kount’s networked data to access new revenue from international markets. Instead of declining international credit cards, they could start accepting them, unlocking hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue.

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Holiday shopping trends reveal consumer payment insights

34.9% of all respondents in the Holiday Kountdown survey said they’ll spend between $500 and $1,000 on the holidays this year. 24.9% said they’ll spend between $1,000 and $5,000. And almost half of respondents said they would choose a BNPL payment option. Understanding consumer shopping trends and what you can do to mitigate risks can help you increase customer confidence and retain holiday revenue.

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Kount’s payments fraud solution can help you accept more good orders and reduce false declines

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