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Sep 13 - Oct 14, 2023
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Oct 22 - 25, 2023
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Omni La Costa Resort & Spa | Table #81
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Emerging Fraud Inside and Outside of Payments
This session focuses on emerging fraud trends and Kount’s approach to staying one step ahead.
Payment processing
Explaining Visa CE3.0 - A fireside chat with Kount, Midigator, and Verifi
Visa CE 3.0 is poised to bridge pre- and post-authorization processes. Join Kount, Midigator, and Verifi in a live discussion to learn the true potential of Visa CE 3.0.
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How to get the most out of Omniscore
Watch now to learn how Kount’s Omniscore helps you better understand consumers and maximize your bottom line.
Fraud detection and prevention
Friendly Fraud Solutions: The CE 3.0 Update
Join industry expert, Mark Standfield, for this timely educational event as he guides you through the ins and outs of CE 3.0.
Kount + Midigator
Kount + Midigator: Why this new partnership matters
Discover why Equifax’s acquisition of both Kount and Midigator will have a major impact on the payments industry.
Consumer insights, Payment processing
The top consumer payment trends to watch for this holiday season
Explore the latest holiday spending trends and get expert advice on mitigating fraud, protecting the customer journey, and saving revenue this season.
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How eharmony optimizes revenue by resolving disputes pre-chargeback
Over the past two years, eharmony has fine-tuned its fraud strategy to optimize subscription-based revenue by slashing chargebacks nearly 50% and driving operational efficiencies.
Disputes and chargebacks
How to Mitigate Chargebacks
Chargebacks are a top concern for businesses that are expanding their offerings to fulfill customer demand for digital purchasing options.
Fraud detection and prevention
Webinar Recording: Critical analysis you can do today that will save you time tomorrow
Tune in for essential tips and tricks for increasing return with Kount Command.
Disputes and chargebacks
How to Refuse Refunds Without Ruining Customer Experiences
Watch now for expert, insider knowledge on saving sales and stopping refund abuse.
Kount and Equifax : The future of digital enablement capabilities and consumer insights
Learn more about how Kount, an Equifax Company, is transforming the future of identity verification a year after joining Equifax, how this will reshape the customer experience, and the opportunities this presents that were once thought impossible.
Fraud detection and prevention
Top fraud trends and predictions in 2022
Watch now for expert, insider knowledge on digital fraud trends and predictions in 2022.
Fraud detection and prevention
Live Training: How to Optimize After the Holidays
Learn how optimize your policies after the holidays during Kount’s Live Holiday Webinar.
Disputes and chargebacks
How to stop customer disputes and holiday chargebacks
Kount and Verifi, a Visa Solution, show you how to stop chargebacks, protect revenue, and speed up dispute time frames from a single platform.
Fraud detection and prevention
Recorded Training: How to Optimize Your Rules for the Holiday Season
Learn how to optimize your rules and policies during Kount’s Live Holiday Webinar
Disputes and chargebacks
How to Protect and Grow Sales Like JOANN and Conair
Learn how to adapt quickly and easily to e-commerce changes using Kount and Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Disputes and chargebacks
Customer Live Demo: Dispute and Chargeback Management
How Kount’s latest solution makes it easy to resolve disputes and increase revenue
Fraud detection and prevention
4 Types of Fraud You Might Be Missing and What to Do
Learn how to respond to today’s top fraud threats while saving time and protecting revenue
Fraud detection and prevention
How a Multi-Million Dollar Company Manages International Payments and Fraud
Featuring BlueSnap, the All-in-One Payment Platform for Global Business
Fraud detection and prevention
Frictionless Fraud Prevention in FinTech
How it works and why identity trust is key.
Disputes and chargebacks
How to Quickly Resolve Disputes Before They Become Chargebacks
Learn how to intercept and deflect disputes from criminal and friendly fraud, post-authorization and pre-chargeback
Fraud detection and prevention
Strategies to Scale Order Approvals & Stop Chargebacks
Learn quick strategies to stop fraud, increase orders, and grow revenue on your Magento store
Fraud detection and prevention
Securing Growth: Scaling Your Payment and Fraud Strategy
Accept more payments online, in-store, and on the go. Learn how industry-leading payment solutions can help your business grow
5 Ways to Protect Customer Accounts and Unlock Growth
Learn how to secure your customer journey with five essential elements
Disputes and chargebacks
How to Stop Chargebacks in Time to Recover Revenue
Learn the necessary steps to stop chargebacks and recover lost revenue
Payment processing
New Strategies to Turn Customer Data Into Revenue Growth
Learn how to gain deep customer insights that drive new sales opportunities, minimize friction, and increase approvals
Disputes and chargebacks
How to Prevent Chargebacks & Resolve Disputes Immediately
Learn how to stop chargebacks, recover revenue, and speed up dispute timeframes with a single platform
Fraud detection and prevention
Strategies to Assess Current eCommerce Fraud Prevention Technologies
Learn how to evaluate and pick an eCommerce fraud prevention solution best suited to your unique business goals and customer...
3 Key Elements Needed For Successful Bot Detection
Learn the 3 key elements to prevent sophisticated bot attacks while delivering a frictionless customer experience
Fraud detection and prevention
How to Protect the Complete Customer Journey From Fraud
Learn best practices to navigate new fraud trends and maintain business growth while enhancing the customer journey
Fraud detection and prevention
7 Essential Elements to Remove Friction From Your Fraud Prevention Strategy
Learn the 7 essential elements required to effectively prevent existing and emerging fraud attacks
Disputes and chargebacks
Capitalizing on 3-D Secure 2.0: Reduce Customer Friction, Chargebacks, and False Positives
Learn how to capitalize on 3-D Secure 2.0 by reducing customer friction, chargebacks, and false positives
Disputes and chargebacks
3 Steps to Stop Chargebacks and Recover Lost Revenue
Learn the necessary steps to stop chargebacks and recover lost revenue
How to Stop the Fast-Moving Target of Account Takeover with Adaptive Protection
Find out how to identify and protect against account takeover fraud with expert strategies


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